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Eli Tomac wants ‘revenge’

Eli Tomac, Monster Energy Cup

Eli Tomac, Monster Energy Cup

It’s amazing how an obviously throwaway line at a press conference can be jumped on and turned into speculation so don’t get too excited at the prospect of Eli Tomac doing an RV and coming to race in Europe.

At the post-race press conference, a distinctly ‘unfurious’ Tomac was asked how he was handling Team USA’s spanking on home turf at the RedBud MXoN.

“Last week is actually still in my head,” he said. “It’s bugging me. I know we’re better than what we finished but we didn’t make it happen. I think it’s probably added three years to my career because I want to go over there and get some revenge on those guys. All in all we did just get straight-up beat.”

Tomac to MXGP? Don’t hold your breath…

Tomac debuted the all-new KX450F at the Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas on Saturday and clearly got on well with it.

“Gosh, it was sweet this weekend,” he said. “As good as it gets. Our starts were there – that’s huge – and these things really get off the line right now. We’re able to get that chassis dialled in pretty easy. There’s a lot of work behind the scenes but for us it’s been pretty smooth. This is just a perfect was for us to get going on this new model.”

The best part of the conference is when my American mate Steve Cox asks Tomac a question for Cycle News.

“Obviously in that last Main Event you were going to win the overall anyway Eli,” he said, “so the win was a done deal but a million bucks is a million bucks. What do you think – 10 per cent for Joey?”

Tomac’s new team-mate Joey Savatgy delivered a brilliant put-down to all the keyboard warriors who don’t think he’s good enough to be on the team.

“People are going to say what they want to say,” said Savatgy. “People on the internet are clearly there for a reason – they’re not the ones making the call as to who gets what. That’s how I look at it.”

Jason Anderson revealed why he made a last-minute decision to race the MEC.

“I was riding outdoors and enjoying my off-time a little bit. I was obviously watching the races and watching the des Nations. On Thursday I was riding supercross and was like ‘I don’t really want to stay at home another weekend’. I’d just be bored and watching these guys race on TV.”

After missing most of the outdoor season through injury, Anderson is now clicking through the gears in his own laidback style as he prepares to kick off the defence of his Monster Energy Supercross title at Anaheim on January 5.

“I’m going to ride in California for a bit and I guess play it by ear, see where we want to be. Just ride a little bit of supercross and get ready for some off-season races – we’ll see how it goes.”