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Max Anstie suffers another collapsed lung – undergoes surgery

Max Anstie suffers another collapsed lung – undergoes surgery

Max Anstie has revealed from his hospital bed that he has undergone surgery on his left lung after it “randomly” collapsed.

While at the track last week Anstie got off his bike after putting in some laps. He felt great, hadn’t over jumped and didn’t suffer a crash.

He was speaking with his team about the bike and then suddenly felt like he was getting stabbed in his chest and back.

The issue was serious enough that he had to visit the hospital, where he underwent tests and scans and was informed he had suffered a spontaneous pneumothorax and that he had “air blebs” or blisters on his lung.

The Brit explained that the blisters are commonly found in athletic males and it had caused a collapsed lung.

Anstie’s first reaction was it was due to his left lung collapse following his crash at the Lommel GP last year but the doctor said they are not related.

Mad Max explained that as he has trained and grew in his younger years, his chest has grown, stretching his lungs, causing the blisters.

Fortunately this happened in the off-season and Anstie looks at this as a positive thing. He’ll only be off the bike for a couple of weeks and then he can then get back to it – albeit slowly at first. “I’d rather it happen now than going into the first round of Supercross or in Supercross. It was so random – I didn’t do anything wrong,” said Anstie.

“Not really too much of a setback, I’ll be better than what I was before, at least my lungs should be free of these funny blebs.”

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