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Monster Energy Supercross release statement about the Orlando 2 track layout


Monster Energy Supercross has responded to questions from fans about the Orlando 2 track for this weekend after some had pointed out something very familiar about it.

Following its release earlier today, many have pointed out the animated track map for this weekend’s Orlando 2 looks the same as the first Orlando round — and they’d be right.

We didn’t think anything of it when it was released because Daniel Blair had already covered the issues in his last ‘Breakdown’ video. But of course, not everyone had watched the video, which has led to Monster Energy Supercross Director Of Operations Mike Muye explaining what has caused the confusion.

“Immediately following Orlando 1 Supercross, we did a full maintenance of the track and re-covered it in plastic to preserve what we had,” he said. “Three full days are required to safely change over the track to the original concept for Orlando 2 and unfortunately the weather throughout this week did not cooperate and the base was saturated to the point we did not want to traverse equipment on it.

“The best course of action to provide the best racetrack for Saturday’s Orlando 2 race was to keep the same track configuration with new obstacles.”

Five-time AMA Supercross 450 champion Ricky Carmichael weighed in on the discussion and it appears that RC is okay with the call, explaining that it could add an interesting dynamic to the racing this weekend.

“I’m ok with this,” said Carmichael, “it will be exciting to see which riders and teams have made any significant improvements from the week prior. And, I’m guessing that the soil will have a little different feel which can change things.”

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