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Supercross Paris preview

Supercross Paris preview


Supercross hits Paris this weekend for the first time in four years and the highest profile indoor event in Europe boasts its usual spectacular line-up and show.

Topping the bill is Vegas millionaire and Red Bull Straight Rhythm winner Marvin Musquin but he faces US opposition from Zach Osborne, Cole Seely and Jeremy Martin along with Scotland’s Dean Wilson, hot from his first-night success in Sydney.

Supercross Paris Arena

Completing the French line-up will be Jordi Tixier, making his debut for Bos KTM, Stuttgart winner Cedric Soubeyras, AX champion Thomas Ramette, Fabien Izoird, Cyrille Coulon and all the regular suspects from the strong domestic series in a three-race SX1 programme.

SX2 will feature Benoit Paturel, Brian Hsu, Iker Larranaga and Josh Hill on the Alta Redshift E-bike who’s taking on Thomas Do and the French regulars. And, of course, there will be the usual top-grade FMX show.

Supercross Paris 2017 track map

The show in the brand new U-Arena in Nanterre starts at 8pm on Saturday and 3pm on Sunday.

Not present this weekend in Paris will be Greg Aranda who had to withdraw from racing in Stuttgart last weekend when it became apparent that a plate in his hand had come loose, requiring an operation.

SX1 450 Open

Nr Rider Nat Team/Brand
2 Florent RICHIER France Suzuki JPM
3 Nicolas AUBIN France Amexio Suzuki
5 Cyrille COULON France Suzuki SR 75 World Team
6 Jeremy MARTIN USA Honda Geico
8 Thomas RAMETTE France Suzuki SR 75 World Team
14 Cole SEELY USA Honda HRC Factory
15 Dean WILSON Ecosse Husqvarna Rockstar Factory
16 Zach OSBORNE USA Husqvarna Rockstar Factory
25 Marvin MUSQUIN France KTM Red Bull Factory
64 Khoun-Sith VONGSANA (RES) France Yamaha
85 Cédric SOUBEYRAS France Suzuki JPM
121 Xavier BOOG France Honda SR Motoblouz
137 Adrien ESCOFFIER France Husqvarna
225 Charles LEFRANCOIS (RES) France Suzuki
871 Fabien IZOIRD France Honda SR Motoblouz
911 Jordi TIXIER France KTM Bos engineering

SX2 Wild Cards

Nr Rider Team/Brand
69 Tyler BOWERS Kawasaki Monster Energy Bud Racing
81 Brian HSU Kawasaki Monster Energy Bud Racing
66 Iker LARRANAGA OLANO SP Husqvarna
520 Jimmy CLOCHET Suzuki

SX Tour SX2 Championship

Nr Rider Team/Brand
170 Yannis IRSUTI Suzuki JPM
773 Thomas DO Honda SR Hexis
14 Arnaud AUBIN Suzuki Amexio
420 Pierre LOZZI Kawasaki
411 Nicolas DERCOURT Yamaha
888 Nicolas BARCELO Yamaha
17 Gaétan LE HIR Honda Moto Diffusion
259 Julien LEBEAU Yamaha 2B Moraco
784 Lorenzo CAMPORESE Honda
622 Mickaël LAMARQUE Husqvarna
851 Clément BRIATTE Kawasaki
626 Senad HASANIC Yamaha
225 Brian MOREAU Kawasaki Monster Bud Racing
335 Enzo POLIAS Husqvarna
146 Boris PRUDHOMME Kawasaki

Timetable – Saturday

Saturday Timing Duration
Presentation 20h00 25mn
1/2 finale 1 SX2 20h25 12mn
1/2 finale 2 SX2 20h37 12mn
Superpole SX1 20h49 20mn
Sprint 1 SX1 21h09 11mn
FMX Show 1 21h20 12mn
Entracte 1 21h32 12mn
Animations 21h44 6mn
Repechage SX2 21h50 7mn
Sprint 2 SX1 21h57 11mn
Animation / course 22h08 7mn
Finale SX2 22h15 18mn
Entracte 2 22h33 12mn
Pom-Pom / vague 22h45 5mn
FMX Show 2 22h50 15mn
Finale SX1 23h05 25mn
FIN 23h30

Timetable – Sunday

Sunday Timing Duration
Presentation 15h00 25mn
1/2 finale 1 SX2 15h25 12mn
1/2 finale 2 SX2 15h37 12mn
Superpole SX1 15h49 20mn
Sprint 1 SX1 16h09 11mn
FMX Show 1 16h20 12mn
Entracte 1 16h32 12mn
Animations 16h44 6mn
Repechage SX2 16h50 7mn
Sprint 2 SX1 16h57 11mn
Animation / course 17h08 7mn
Finale SX2 17h15 18mn
Entracte 2 17h33 12mn
Pom-Pom / vague 17h45 5mn
FMX Show 2 17h50 15mn
Finale SX1 18h05 25mn
FIN 18h30
Alex Hodgkinson
A TMX motocross photojournalist contributor for over 30 years. Alex Hodgkinson can call upon decades of experience in the sport and offers our readers an inside look into the FIM World Motocross Championship.