Arnau Farre released by Vertigo

Arnau Farre released by Vertigo

Arnau Farre

The Vertigo factory has ended its contract with young Spanish rider Arnau Farre. The 19-year-old was signed to ride, develop and promote the Vandal model in 2018.

But in a press release, printed in full below, the factory state that they have put production of the Vandal on hold, for unstated reasons.

Farre suffered a bad crash at the Barcelona Indoor trial back on February 4 and suffered a severe knee injury.  Arnau has not been seen in competition since then. It is not known when he will be deemed fit enough to resume riding.

There has been much debate about the none appearance of the Vandal, some expecting it to be a cheaper option but this was not necessarily going to be the case.

The question now is, will it appear at all or will it be subject to a radical re-think? Could it re-emerge as an E-bike for instance? Vertigo are good at keeping their cards close to their chest so we’ll just have to wait and see.

The factory press release runs as follows:

“VERTIGO Motors regrets to announce that, exclusively for industrial reasons, it has decided to end its contract with trials young prospect Arnau Farré. From the Factory, we want to state clearly that Vertigo has no doubt about Farre’s talent and projection to become one of the best trials rider worldwide, and so, this isn’t the reason for such a decision.

The deal with Farre was specifically linked to the development of the Vandal model, which because of promotional goals, was meant to compete in several international Championships during the season.

However, following product development issues, Vertigo has decided to stop temporally its launch, and with that, also all the activity and presence of the bike in competition, what means the Vandal won’t be competing neither in the Spanish Championship or in the TrialGP Series from now on.

We want to state as well, the fact that the rider has received the entire economic compensation of the contract in force, giving him the chance to find new opportunities and challenges in other brands or structures as soon as possible.

We wish Arnau Farre all the best, as well as good luck on continuing with his meteoric progression as a professional trials rider.”