Dave Rowland Trial was a scorcher!

Dave Rowland Trial was a scorcher!

The very hot weather prompted a few changes to this year’s Dave Rowland Trophy Trial.

Organisers Manchester 17 had to drop three new groups from the course due to the moorland fire risk but there were still no less than 17 groups still to be ridden, including many old favourites.

Rhododendrons started things off close to the car park and the gully was in gentle form which got the event quickly underway – especially as the local midges were well in attendance.

It was then down to Clough House in the stream with Plantation’s three subs close by.

Clough House didn’t offer observer Scott Ellis too many chances of writing anything but zero as the water levels were very low.

Plantation’s final sub did however catch some of the Clubman class out, including Steven Davies and Mike Leddy who needed a dab apiece.

They would finish one and two in the class, though, so no harm had been done.

Ben’s Ditch took marks from many of the 50/50 class and Thomas Moss in the National class.

It was the middle sub here that took a three from Daniel Clarke, and a two from Neil Savage, although Steve Bird made an excellent clean despite having to get used to being back on the TRS this week.

There were no problems at the sharp end of the Clubman class but the group proved tough enough overall.

Next it was onto Cumberland Corner and Rivers with five subs in total.

Messrs Sadler and Timperley riding the Hard route were still clean, although perhaps surprisingly Daniel Clarke dabbed on the final hazard, which was not generally causing problems.

There was nothing much to report from Holt Gulley or Cut-Thorn which was riding easily enough to register plenty of cleans from all classes.

Hawks Nest was so dry and the first two subs had a choice of lines which always creates a problem especially early on at section one.
Most on the Clubman route chose the left-hand option but a step opposite a tree did catch many for dabs.

On the 50/50 route Darren Wasley explained how he was going to wheelie off the middle rockery, and it did not cause him a problem.

Manor Rocks was the place to watch especially sub three,which took marks from all of the 50/50 class including a two from eventual winner Daniel Clarke and a five from Steve Bird.

The Clubmen lost fewer marks but there were only a dozen or so cleans, while on the National route Timps and Saddles went clean through here.

If the two Yorkshiremen thought they were both in for a clean ride that came to an end five subs from home at Milkingstead’s last section.
Sadler took a dab and Timperley a five after Tom Moss had registered a clean.

This, however, was Richard Sadler’s only loss of the day while Timps needed one more dab at Captain’s Crack.

Daniel Clarke kept it steady to the finish to take the 50/50 with Steve Bird left ruing that five at Manor.

Barnsley’s Neil Savage had to settle for a very close third place.

Steven Davies topped the Clubman class by just one mark from Mike Leddy, with Stuart Morewood third.