Dougie tops the bill at Boxing Day Trial

Dougie tops the bill at Boxing Day Trial

Dougie Lampkin was winner of the Boxing Day Trial

The skies above Howden Wood cleared on Sunday for the annual battle of the giants of Yorkshire trialling in the Bradford Motor Club’s Boxing Day Trial.

Top of the bill was Dougie Lampkin who kept cousins Ben and Dan Hemingway at bay after a tense three-lap battle in the depths of the woodland high above Silsden.  It was a tight top six after a dozen greasy sections.

The former World champion rattled off three laps while keeping an eye on Alfie Lampkin who just pipped Alice Minta on the 50/50 route by a dab.  Danny Gamble matched Ben Hemingway all the way to the last section when he took a single mark.

Phillip Hammond

If a tie-breaker had come up Danny dropped his first penalty on lap one at the penultimate section whereas Hemmo held on until lap two.  Dan Hemingway and Lee Sampson were also right on target while James Duxbury was giving a Lampkin Vertigo a gallop and considering he was a newcomer to the machine sixth place was a fair deal. It is thought the Vertigo survived unscathed.

Louis Haley galloped away for the Inter class heading Thomas Rushton and Sam Boocock. The Yeadon resident knows how to make a Montesa work well and along with Jamie Stephenson tops the class on many a weekend.

Neil Sharp dropped a mark on the rocky loop at section eight at the east end of the wood where it was really slippery. By the third lap the mud was carrying up onto the rocks and the umbrella of trees kept out any chance of weak winter sun.

As usual Robert Hardisty and Phillip Hammond headed the Easy route runners. First and second with Hammond dropping a boot on the final section near the start and where Mr Hardisty had his boots down on all three laps. Pete Hollingworth and Bradford treasurer Stephen Wilde were a distant third and fourth.


Hard course
Expert: Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo) 0, Ben Hemingway (Beta) 1, Danny Gamble (Sherco) 2.
Inter: Louis Haley (Montesa) 6. Thomas Rushton (Montesa) 13, Sam Boocock (Beta) 13.
Novice: William Tolson (Beta) 8, Tom Middleton (Beta) 18, Phil Hancock (Vertigo) 34.
Youth Class B: Harry Hemingway (Beta) 31.
50/50 course
Novice: Neil Sharp (Gas Gas) 1, Darren Wasley (Gas Gas) 5, Luke Standring (Beta) 5.
Youth Class B: Alfie Lampkin (Vertigo) 10, Alice Minta (Scorpa) 11.
Easy course
Novice: Philip Hammond (Sherco) 1, Robert Hardisty (Sherco) 5, Pete Hollingworth (Beta) 12.
Youth Class B: Josh Pearson (Beta) 29, Harry Sutcliffe (Beta) 70.