KIA series to launch new championship within 2020 format

KIA series to launch new championship within 2020 format

Rob Faulkner, pictured in the Congleton club's round at Mow Cop

Innovative as ever, the KIA series is to launch a new Championship within its current format for 2020.

While Kia very much remain the prime sponsor, two fabulous new awards – one for the best overall Expert and one for the top overall Clubman – irrespective of the class they competed in, are to be funded by Steve Gollings of Villiers Services.

At present, there are eight individual KIA awards, four for the Expert class and four for the Clubmen class winners plus one more for the top Lady.

In each trial, points are awarded to the top 15 places in each class.

But alongside this for 2020 the top 15 riders in each trial with the least marks dropped irrespective of class in each of the Expert and Clubman categories will receive points towards the two Villiers Services Trophies.

Additional rules don’t allow anyone to win both the Kia and Villiers services trophies! ”We think this will add another dimension to 2020,“ said series coordinator Fredina Minshall. “Changing classes during the year would not penalise you in calculating the results for the new competition.

As for 2019, only the best seven scores of the 10 rounds will count. Then, holiday commitments, illness and cost can largely be discounted.

The final say goes to Steve Gollings whose apt comment was “It gives more people a chance of success so I think it’s a great idea which is why we are fully supporting the concept”.

Further KIA details for 2020 will appear in this column as they emerge but why not call in at the KIA stand at the forthcoming Telford show to get it from the horses mouth!

That’s Gerry by the way, not Fredina!

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