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Lakes Two good

Lakes Two good

Chris Pearson Lakes Two Day TrialJohn Dickinson

ENTRIES for the National Lakes Two Day Trial which will take place next weekend, October 14/15, closed on a maximum 180 – with a long list of hopefuls on the reserve list looking to take advantage of someone else’s bad luck should any accepted rider not be able to start.

Because of this, accepted riders who find they cannot make the start are asked to contact the organisers in the first instance, and not just fail to turn up, so that another rider can take advantage of a ride.
No-one wants to see an entry going to waste, even if it has been paid for. Just contact as soon as you can.

We’ll print a full preview next week but can tell you that there’s quality as well as quantity in the National entry entry including newly crowned British Trials Champ Jack Price.

Pricey will face fellow Gas Gas stars Michael Brown, Dan Thorpe and Tom Minta as well as 2017 Trial2 World Champion Iwan Roberts plus Yorkies Richard sadler and James Stones on Beta, Ross Danby on the TRS and Sherco runners Luke Walker, current S3 Parts champ and Chris Pearson just for starters.