Northern soul for Classic Experts Trial

Northern soul for Classic Experts Trial

Dean Devereux will be in action

This Sunday sees the third running of the Cumberland club’s Northern Classic Experts Trial which will once again run right on the English/ Scottish borders at the excellent Thorlieshope farm, Newcastleton, TD9 0SW.

The entry list, set at 100, has been full for an age, with the exception of withdrawals, with a wide spread of machinery and rider ability catered for on either Expert, Clubman and Social classes.

This is a full-on trial, a traditional single-lap 40-section cracker over some excellent rural trials terrain, with bankings, becks, rocks, gullies, woodland and moorland.

Riders are prepared to travel hundreds of miles for a real trial, such as Martyn Gilbert, who comes all the way from Devon to ride his Fantic – not his famous little Honda TLM60 this week.

The ever-present Richard Allen will be on his little Gori 200 while KIA kingpin Gerry Minshall enjoys a ride on his Francis Barnett with no organisational worries!

KIA regular front runners Steve Bird (Yam Mono) and Dean Devereux (Bultaco) make a long trip north, while Russell Jones brings his Triumph out of Wales.

Scotland has the likes of Neil Dawson (Yam Mono), Ian Shedden (Fantic) and the two Grants, Smith (BSA) and Adamson (Honda TLR).

Relative locals are Ossy Byers and Butch Robson on Bultaco and Montesa respectively.

Stir in the likes of the Colins Ward, Sr and Jr, Mick Grant (Bantam), Joe Buckworth (SWM), Paul Dennis (Cub) James Noble and a host of others including Tim Bell on his rare Merlin and there’s interest for everyone.

The trials action gets underway at 10.30am on Sunday morning but no doubt there will be pre-trial fun and games in The Grapes public house in Newcastleton on Saturday night so if you are travelling up on Saturday your trial master Paul Norman will no doubt reluctantly accept the offer of a bevy!