Off-road restart as Wales comes out of firebreak

Off-road restart as Wales comes out of firebreak

Newly crowned British Champion Iwan Roberts will be able to ride in his native Wales from this weekend

As Wales comes out of its latest Covid-19 Lockdown the ACU has stated that motorcycle sport can now restart in the country but obviously following all protocols for the virus.

But riders resident in England must NOT enter events and travel to Wales as travelling to a motorcycle sport event is not considered essential travel and England is currently legally in a state of lockdown until at least December 2.

Roy Humphrey, ACU chairman said: “As Wales comes out of their firebreak, it is important that everyone in Wales adheres to the new easing of restrictions again to minimise the risk of infection.

“Equally, for those of us in England, we don’t need to be travelling to Wales, especially to compete in a motorcycle sport event. Motorcycle sport might be our passion, but we need to be looking at the bigger picture and be sticking to the lockdown measures issued by the UK Government to help reduce the R number.

“As the festive period is fast approaching, families will want to get together at Christmas if allowed and where possible. We all have to do our bit to help achieve that.”

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