On Test: 2020 Vertigo Vertical range

On Test: 2020 Vertigo Vertical range

2020 Vertigo test

Vertigo have presented their latest evolution of the Vertical-Works model and, as well as being available in the traditional 125, 250 and 300cc versions, new for 2020 are exciting 200cc and 280cc options, too.

The team of Vertigo engineers, guided by brand ambassador and 12-times Trial World Champion Dougie Lampkin, has worked relentlessly during the 2019 season with Vertigo’s talented team of World Championship riders, consisting of Jaime Busto, Jorge Casales and Ladies challenger Berta Abellan.

Collectively they have ensured that the latest 2020 version of this already extremely advanced two-stroke, fuel-injected machine is even more refined and reliable than ever before.

2020 Vertigo Vertical test

When initially launched the Vertigo was a really radical design for a trials bike with many advanced features like its triangulated ‘space’ frame, electronic fuel injection, electric water pump, low-mounted fuel tank, etc, etc.

Early models were perhaps too technically advanced – with different power maps for each individual gear – but development has actually simplified things and the latest models have all the glitches ironed out.

The new 200cc model should prove really popular, especially in Britain with wet, slippery terrain. The idea is that the 200 combines the very best elements of both the 250cc and 125cc models resulting in an easy-to-ride bike, always providing the rider with total control of their machine.

This new model ought to be ideal for first-time riders, or those who do not require the full power of a 250cc or higher capacity bike, yet who still require enough power to take on challenging sections and lines.

2020 Vertigo Vertical test

The 280cc similarly combines the best elements of the 250cc and 300cc models to provide intermediate and advanced riders with a very responsive and powerful bike capable of attacking extremely challenging sections and lines.

Note that this 280cc model is only available upon request. Each version of this 2020 model has been subject to the same meticulous technical development.

This means that this new model takes the already most technically advanced and revolutionary trials bike on the market to a whole new level and keeps the bike in an entire class of its own.

TMX invited Aran Drachenberg, former Yorkshire Trials Champion and winner of no fewer than 10 Scott spoons, to test the latest offering from Vertigo in the traditional 125, 250 and 300 capacities.

2020 Vertigo Vertical test

Aran said: We arrived at the test venue, Inch Perfect Trials in Lancashire, which I am very familiar with as I work there full-time, and know the lay of the land.

“So we lined the bikes up, and Nick (Owen) from Vertigo UK instructed me as to the best way of starting the bike, “quarter of a turn on the throttle and a good firm kick” and lo and behold, the bike fired into life!

“First up was the 125, it always makes sense to start with the least powerful when doing a multi-bike test.

“I took it straight down to the rocks where there is a jumble of rockery ranging from one foot to four foot to really see how strong the bike is off the bottom.

2020 Vertigo Vertical test

“Having ridden the Beta range for the last 20+ years, the Vertigo felt a little strange, but after about 15 minutes I started to feel very comfortable, as the design of the chassis makes for a very relaxed ride.

“The engine on the 125 is clean running and power comes in strong on the mid-high range making it very rideable for the younger generation coming up the ranks.

“The suspension has a very nice, planted feel, not too fast, not too slow, just right and giving enough lift when needed, but not hopping itself off-line when you don’t want it to.

“The clutch felt smooth and progressive, with a nice light feel with just one finger on the lever.

“Next up was the 250, we took it straight across to a technical stream in the wood.

“Initially I thought the bike was underpowered, as the section was very steep and at the top, there’s a huge step with a slippery take off, but after two or three goes, I learnt to trust it, and the grip was just there without trying.

2020 Vertigo Vertical test

“Another bonus with the fuel injection is there is a huge rev range throughout which it runs very clean and offers linear power just in the right place which made riding the section very easy.

“It can be no fluke that Dougie Lampkin has won the Scottish Six Days no fewer than four times on Vertigo, with the perfect steering geometry for streams, making the bike very stable and providing a traditional feel which inspires confidence.

“Finally, the 300 was fired into life and you could instantly hear the grunt and growling noise coming out of the exhaust accompanied with the induction noise from the airbox, sucking the oxygen through to produce the strong power. This bike certainly puts a smile on your face!

“I tested on some big slippery banking sides where at the flick of the throttle I was at the top without thinking about it. But as well as the expected huge power it also managed to find grip very well.

2020 Vertigo Vertical test

“It’s quite a different animal to the 250 and although I enjoyed it, I could feel it was tiring me quicker – always happens with 300s.

“To me, this is perfect for experts but the 250 or maybe the new 200 that is due out very soon will be the better option for Clubman riders.

“As with all bikes, you just have to try them to see which one suits you – there’s no universal option!”