Report: Bransgore – OSET Cup New Forest

Billy bags the win in the New Forest


Five laps of eight sections greeted riders for the second OSET Cup New Forest round at Bransgore.

After presentations for the first round, Callum Lucas the round one Expert winner got off to the most challenging of starts with two fives for taking the wrong route.

Billy Guilford made an excellent start cleaning the first lap and heading Luke Batton by seven and Lucas by 13. The three riders were very evenly matched, Lucas showed great maturity regaining his concentration and turning in four tight laps including two clean, Batton clawed back marks but couldn’t quite catch Guilford as he tired and lost a few marks.

Theo Bottle put in a confident ride to top the intermediates after finishing down the order in round one he edged out Ivan Large by three.

Harry Tharme produced the only clean trial, dropping down from the Intermediates he made light work of the Novice route.

Newcomer Caden Williams topped the Beginners ahead of Tommy Sturgess and round one class winner Jack Prince. Youngster Hazel ‘Nuts’ Parker tackled the Novice route losing just five for one of her best rides to date.

Results: Bransgore – OSET Cup New Forest

Expert: Billy Guilford (OSET 20) 13, Luke Batton (OSET 24) 14, Callum Lucas (Beta 80) 17.
Intermediate: Theo Bottle (OSET 20) 17, Ivan Large (OSET 20) 20
Novice: Harry Tharme (OSET 20) 0, James Topping (OSET 20) 9, Bertie Broomfield (OSET 20) 16, Chloe Merrick (OSET 24) 17, Archie Broomfield (OSET 16) 19.
Beginner: Caden Williams (OSET) 4, Tommy Sturgess (OSET 16) 6, Jack Prince (OSET 20) 18, Jessica Merrick (OSET 24) 20, Luke Newcombe (OSET 20) 22, Hugo Bottle (OSET 12.5) 32.
UC Novice: Hazelnuts Parker (OSET24) 5.

Report: Andy Withers
Pictures: Awsportsphoto

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