Report: 2019 British Ladies Trials Championship hits Devon for final round

Report: 2019 British Ladies Trials Championship hits Devon for final round

British Ladies Trials Championship

The final round of the ACU Belle Trailers British Ladies and Girls Trials Championship was located in the small town of Ilfracombe in North Devon, hosted by Torridge & DMC.

Held at a brand new venue to the championship there was a good mix of sections from big rocks to steep embankments, with a natural stream running through the wooded course.
Section one was situated just down the hill from the start, with most riders conquering the opening section.

A ride up the stony track took all the riders to section two, where riders were faced with some fallen trees and a steep descent back to the finish cards that caused no problem for the majority of riders.

At section three the Ladies Experts faced some large boulders within the river bed, with a tough tree rooted climb descending back into the stream and over another rocky outcrop towards the finish. All dropped marks at what proved to be a tricky section.

Further into the woods, section four was another in the river bed, with section five right beside on the steep banks with some tight, twisting turns over the large tree roots.
It finished with an awkward camber onto a plateau and a right turn to reach the ends.

Jess Bown, Alicia Robinson, Alice Minta, and Gabby Whitham all cleaned this on lap one, with a few marks lost on the following laps due to the slippery conditions.
It was unfortunate to see Gabby Whitham retire from the trial due to an old injury.

This section was also difficult for Youth C with Holly Dixon taking a big tumble but she bounced back to take second overall.

Section six proved tricky for all classes.

In Youth B only Kaytlyn Adshead and Molly Mayhew made it to the end gates after attempting the steep climb. Sections seven to 11 were all situated along the river bed and section nine was difficult for Youth C, starting with a drop into the stream, then a climb out of a loose and slippery gully, finishing with a sharp right turn to reach the end cards.

Kayleigh Rich managed to push her Oset 24 out for a three and Brianna King also had some superb rides including a clean on this section – enough for her to take the class win.

The Youth B Route and Ladies Intermediate Route both had to manoeuver themselves around the trees on the steep bank of the river at section 10 and had to overcome a fallen tree trunk, which ended up being very slippery.

Taking marks from all the riders, this was a tough section to beat.

Section 11 was a very steep fast-flowing waterfall and riders had to be aggressive using speed and agility to launch themselves out of the end.

At the final section, located in the farmyard, section 12 was a collection of large rocks, assembled on the bank side.

It was lovely to see local riders from all classes, with Zoe McDonald finishing on the podium in the Ladies Intermediate Class and Iona Pritchard having a good day’s riding.

Katelyn Ball and Katy Dallow both had steady rides in the C Championship, with Iris Richards riding in the B Class.


Ladies Championship: Jess Bown (Birkett, BVM Scorpa 300) 42, Alicia Robinson (Top TrialTeam Beta 250) 74.
Non Championship: Alice Minta (Birkett Scorpa 125) 63.
Ladies Championship 50% Route 1 & 50% Route 2: Chloe Baker (TRS UK 250) 56, Jazz Hammond (Sherco 250) 93, Bethanie Dunning (Trials UK Evo) 102.
Ladies Intermediate Championship Route 2: Charlotte Kimber (Gas Gas 250) 80, Zoe McDonald (TRS 250) 82, Jo Minns (Merlin Sidecars Beta) 151, Iona Pritchard 158.
Girls Route 2: Kattlyn Adshead (Station Garage TRRS 125) 12, Daisy Parsons (Beta 125) 2, Amelia Mayhew (Beta 125) 80, Summer Peters (Station Garage Beta 80) 85, Sophie Bailey (Paul Nash M/Cycls Gas Gas 125) 88, Iris Richards (TRS 125) 10, Kira Sarsero-James (Scorpa 12 ) 115.
Girls C Championship Route 3: Brianna King (Beta 80) 39, Holly Dixon (Beta 80 Small Wheel) 91, Kayleigh Rich (Oset 24 Off-Road) 10, Gemma Kerruish (Station Garage Beta 80) 140.
Non-Championship Route C: Katelyn Ball (125 Beta) 107, Katy Dallow (125 Sherco) 114.

Championship Standings

Ladies Championship: Jess Bown 137, Donna Fox 105, Alicia Richardson 101, Louise Alford 80, Gabby Whitham 53, Hannah Styles 37, Victoria Payne 10.
Ladies Route 50%: Chloe Baker 132, Jazz Hammond 123, Bethanie Dunning 109, Megan Savage 13
Ladies Inter route 2: Charlotte Kimber 137, Victoria Holmes 105, Joe Minns 99, Zoe McDonald 30, Olivia Pearson 30, Iona Pritchard 13.
Girls Class 50% route: Sarah Bell 120, Elizabeth Tett 85.
Girls Route 2: Kaytlyn Adshead 134, Daisy Parsons 123, Sophie Bailey 98, Amelia Mayhew 91, Summer Peters 80, Emily Copp 64, Amber Richardson 53, Lucy Ayrton 42, Kira Sarsero-James 33.
Girls Route C: Matilda Arbon 120, Holly Dixon 105, Brianna King 103, Kayleigh Rich 86, Gemma Kerruish 81, Bobbie Pulman32, Poppy Fletcher 13, Florance Baldock 9, Edie Baldock 8.
Girls Route D: Daisy Craig 97, Ealee Cubbon 37.

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