Report: Hobs Hole and Seymour’s Arena – AMCA Droitwich Youth Trials Club


Daisy Craig

In 2022, a new Youth trials club was born. The AMCA Droitwich Youth Trials Club (DYTC) is a family of four who aim to give kids a proper trials championship in the Midlands, and a stepping stone to the boys and girls British Championship.

The championship, an Official OSET Cup, and also the ‘West Midlands Youth Trials Championship’ open to petrol machines, is a six-round tour using some of the best venues the area has to offer.

To date, three rounds have taken place – Shatterford near Kidderminster, Hobs Hole at Walsall and Seymour’s Arena in Didcot – and have attracted 60 riders. The next rounds are to take place at Earl Shilton Trials Club, Howard’s Wood near Stourbridge and finally at Breakheart Quarry in Gloucestershire. With one final ‘party’ round TBA, to give out the championship prizes.

Most recently, the club had a back-to-back at Hobs Hole and Seymour’s Arena. There was close competition on all four routes in both the electric and petrol classes. A real fantastic family atmosphere and some tough sections, along with good weather really made this a fantastic event. Riders and parents travelled anything from 10 minutes to four hours.

The Red route had national-level riders such as Kayleigh Rich, Samuel Millmore, Samuel Lefevre and Aaron Watson. Right down to up-and-coming stars like Emily Thompson, Harry Craig and George Turner.


Kayleigh Rich

At Seymour’s Arena, the riders were lucky to have Alicia Robinson and Matt Dixon in attendance. Alicia is one of the UK’s leading female riders and Matt has been minding Adam Raga but is a great rider himself and spent the day helping our George and Ruby Wareing at the famous home of the Super Trial.

Heavy overnight rain kept course plotters, Andy and Caz Rich, on their toes. Setting up was an eight-hour workout, followed by some 7am changes on Sunday!

It wasn’t just about the competition and it was great to see families staying on after the trial for some practice and socialising.

The sections are left out until everyone is finished playing, no matter the time. Andy and Caz understand the importance of the after-trial fun!

We hope to see more riders at our next event at Earl Shilton Trials Club on June 26.

Thanks to our sponsors MK Off-Road, Woodrobes, Central Scanning and the awesome Trials Day.


Hobs Hole

Red OSET: 1 Sam Lefevre, 2 Alfie Shaw, 3 Sam Millmore
Red Petrol: 1 Aaron Watson, 2 Zach Reynolds, 3 Hayden Pimley
Blue OSET: 1 George Turner, 2 Oliver Bird, 3 Josh Wood
Blue Petrol: 1 Daisy Craig, 2 Jack Rich, 3 George Wareing
Yellow OSET: 1 Harry Craig, 2 Max Sturridge, 3 Daisy Brookes
Yellow Petrol: 1 Jake Stokes
White OSET: 1 Seth Jenkin, 2 Emily Thompson, 3 Tommy Sturgess

Seymour’s Arena

Red OSET: 1 Sam Lefevre, 2 Alfie Shaw, 3 Sam Millmore
Red Petrol: 1 Kayleigh Rich, 2 Zach Reynolds, 3 Aaron Watson
Blue OSET: 1 George Turner, 2 Harvey Reynolds
Blue Petrol: 1 Jack Rich, 2 James Dawson, 3 Max Hastings
Yellow OSET: 1 Kasia Pekala-Dayment, 2 Thomas Herbert, 3 Lewis Davis
White OSET: 1 Seth Jenkin, 2 Tommy Sturgess, 3 Emily Thompson

Report & pictures: Andy Rich

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