Report: Holgate – Richmond Motor Club

Hitting the Marske


Adrian Harrison

Richmond Motor Club were pleased to get back on an old piece of proper trialling ground at Holgate near Marske on Saturday (June 11). Fifty-three adults and 12 youths enjoyed three laps of 12 tricky sections set out by Clerk of Course Paul Astwood. The youngest rider was Josh Dent on his Beta 80 who did well to get around the Clubman Course.

On the Hard Course, Expert rider Richard Sadler took yet another win, dropping only one mark on section seven on the second lap. Guy Kendrew came in second, losing six marks and Dan Thorpe followed closely behind, losing eight marks.

Sherco rider Matthew Maynard was the only intermediate rider, losing 16 marks.

It was Andrew Reynolds who led the Novices, dropping 42 marks, followed by Josh Brown on 52 marks and Thomas Coates on 61 marks.

Harry Blackwell took the lead in the A Hard Class dropping 40 marks- an impressive ride at only 14 years old. Callum Fowler and Jamie Rowntree came in second and third in the class, dropping 50 and 93 marks respectively.


Richard Sadler

Darren Gill bossed the Green Course, dropping seven marks, with Anthony Bowe closely behind him on nine marks. Young Richard Pulman was third on the Green Course, losing 14 marks.

The Clubman Course was won by Adrian Harrison on four marks, who is getting back into trials after a hip replacement several months ago. Paul Sadler didn’t quite make the lead like his son, but came in second on eight marks. Robert Stones rounded off the top three, losing 12 marks.

Robin Luscombe was the only Twinshock rider and came in fourth place on the Clubman Course, losing just 12 marks.

Richmond Motor Club would like to thank all of the landowners, Clerk of Course, Secretary, helpers, and the 12 observers, without whom trials would not be able to run.

Hard Course
Experts: Richard Sadler (Vertigo) 1, Guy Kendrew (Beta) 6, Dan Thorpe (GASGAS) 8
Inters: Matthew Maynard (Sherco) 16.
Novices: Andrew Reynolds (Beta) 42, Josh Brown (Beta) 52, Thomas Coates (GASGAS) 61.
A Class Hard: Harry Blackwell (Beta) 40, Callum Fowler (Beta) 50, Jamie Rowntree (Beta) 93.
Clubman A (Green Course): Darren Gill (Vertigo) 7, Anthony Bowe 9, Richard Pulman (Scorpa) 14.
Clubman B (Clubman Course): Adrian Harrison (TRRS) 4, Paul Sadler (Vertigo) 8, Robert Stones (Vertigo) 12.

Report: Charlotte Brown
Photos: Chloe Fowler

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