Richard Sadler tops the podium at Bemrose Trophy Trial

Richard Sadler – Bemrose Trophy Trial

Richard Sadler – Bemrose Trophy Trial

Richard Sadler shed just four marks to top the podium at the 90th running of the Bemrose Trophy Trial. The JST Gas Gas ace beat last year’s winner and fellow JST Gas Gas rider Dan Thorpe by just a dab.

Richard Timperley made it a JST Gas Gas 1-2-3 on eight marks Chris Alford three adrift to just miss out on the podium places. The 90th Bemrose Trophy Trial started as usual from Haslin Farm, near High Edge Raceway, Buxton, Derbyshire and was organised by the North Derbyshire Youth MCC, The Manchester 17 and Macclesfield TC.

The day started off well with sunny intervals but very windy at some groups of sections. On the Bemrose harder route section 31 down in the stream at Robinsons turned out to be the hardest taking two off of Sadler and dabs for Thorpe, Tom Moss, Tom Haslem, and Andy Cripps and James Graham rode the stream steady and got out for a three.

Dan Thorpe was runner-up at the Bemrose

Sadler’s only other two dabs were one at Booths Edge with cleans from Thorpe, Chris Alford, Tom Moss, Tom Haslem and Ian Robinson and at Etches cleans were recorded for Thorpe, Richard Timperley, Alford, Jess Bown and Craig Talbot.

The Intermediates on the 50/50 route saw a win for Richard Wells on nine, again it was very close and one in front of TY Yamaha-mounted Sam Clarke. Sam lost out on 12 at Booth Edge having a five – his only five of the day – compared to the two dabs for Wells – this was one of the trickiest sections on this route with the only clean coming from TRS Tom Bennett.

The four sections at Manor Steps took some marks, but 30 at Robinsons caught most with the only cleans from Wells, Clarke, Mike Evans, Glenn Quinn and Ray Haslam. Neil Savage and Paul Bennett were matching each other’s scores all day in the Over 40s to finish with Neil on seven and Paul on eight.

Paul’s only problem was 25 at Manor Steps where had a five which cost him a win, while Neil cleaned this section, along with most of the others in the class on the 50/50 route. Billy Craig came in next on 12 marks followed by Mark Shaw 15, Shaun Boyle 17 and Kev Nolan on 20.

Twelve at Booth Edge turned out to be one of three sections taking marks on this route and the only clean of the day came from Paul Bennett, a dab was recorded for Greg Moor and twos for Mark Shaw, Ian Wakeford, and Philip Martin.

The other group was in the water at Robinsons Rocks where there were just two cleans from Bennett and Chris Burgin.  The Over 50s on the Clubman White route was well supported with Beta rider Simon Levett having just one dab all day at 32 at Hawks Nest with Gavin Cooper finishing on two.

This two was at Manor Steps where cleans came from Levett, Ian Watts, Mark Timperley, Mark Hawkins, front runner Scott Rowland, Tony Cowley, Mike King, Neil Saunders, Leigh Elliott, Paul Elliott and Chris Bown. Team 69 rider Kevin Stannard missed out on a win in the Over 60s by one to the Gas Gas of Martyn Snutch with Martyn finishing on 21 and Kevin 22. Mark Reynolds snatched a win in the Twin-shocks on his Triumph Cub on four from the big Triumph of Rob Bowyer on six.

The Novice White route was a popular class and it was a close thing again with Stefan Walters taking a win on 11 followed by Matt Treweek 13, Ben Powell 15 and Jon Yendell on 16.
One of the trickiest sections on this route was 23 in the stream at Hollins Farm where Stefan dabbled and the only cleans were from Ben Powell, Andy Rhodes, Damien Walpole, Shane Harvey and Lee Wilson.


Bemrose: Richard Sadler (JST Gas Gas) 4, Dan Thorpe (JST Gas Gas) 5, Richard Timperley (JST Gas Gas) 8, Chris Alford (FK JST Gas Gas) 11, James Graham (Sands Montesa) 20, Tom Moss (Stiles Gas Gas) 28, Tom Haslam (Gas Gas) 30, Andy Cripps (Beta) 31, Andrew Blackman (???) 35, Sam Beechcroft-Penny (TRS) 38, Jess Bown (Birket BVM Scorpa) 41, Iain Robinson (Gas Gas) 42, Roberto Looney (Beta) 44, Gareth Talbot (BVM Beta 4T) 49, Craig Talbot (BVM Beta) 53, Ronny Day (Gas Gas) 70, Thomas Hawthorne (Sherco) 90, Jack Stiles (Stiles Gas Gas) 97.

Intermediate: Richard Wells (TRS) 9, Sam Clarke (Yamaha) 10, Ben King (Gas Gas) 13 (mc), Katy Sunter (JST Gas Gas) 13, Mike Evans (Sherco) 15 (mc), Sam Atherton (Factory Kev Gas Gas) 15, Glenn Quinn (TRS) 15, Jon Cowley (Beta) 16, Ben Burgin (Beta) 19 (mc), Nick Bull (Gas Gas) 19, Stephen Douglas (Gas Gas) 19, Dan Cameron (Honda) 21, Martin Carter (Gas Gas) 23, Louise Alford (FK JST Gas Gas) 26, Sam Rhodes (Gas Gas) 27.

Novice: Stefan Walters (Beta) 11, Matt Treweek (Beta) 13, Ben Powell (Van & Combi Beta) 15, Jon Yendell (Vertigo) 16, Mark Cook (Sherco) 17, Jamie Britcliffe (Gas Gas) 20, Mark Awcock (Beta) 21, Phil Hulme (Gas Gas) 24, Andy Rhodes (Beta) 24, Damien Walpole (Beta) 25, Catherine Alford (FK JST Gas Gas) 28, Shane Harvey (Montesa Honda) 29, Andrew Hickman (Repsol Honda) 30, Richard Hardwich (Van & Combi Gas Gas) 31 (fc), Wayne Barron (Honda) 31.

Over 40: Neil Savage (Gas Gas) 7, Paul Bennett (Scorpa) 9, Billy Craig (Inspire Honda) 12, Mark Shaw (Gas Gas) 15, Shaun Hoyle (Beta) 17, Kev Nolan (Scorpa) 20, Simon Hurst (Montesa) 24, Ian Wakefield (Gas Gas) 27, Roman Kyrnyckyj (Gas Gas) 28, Marcus Faulkner (Gas Gas) 28, Chris Burgin (Sherco) 28, Greg Moor (TRS) 29, Barry Roads (Gas Gas) 31, Dean Coxhead (Beta) 31, John Holland (Beta) 33.

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