Scottish Six Days Trial

James Dabill drops first marks but still in control of SSDT

James Dabill drops first marks but still in control of SSDT

James Dabill retains the 2019 SSDT lead after Wednesday

Beta’s James Dabill retains the lead in the 2019 Scottish Six Days Trial as the prestigious Edinburgh and District Motor Club’s event reached the half way stage on Wednesday evening surviving his early start day with a loss of just two marks, his first of the week.

The day’s route began heading south from Fort William before taking a trip across Loch Linnhe on the Corran ferry and immediately into the first group at Ardgour.

Riders then headed Strontian taking in the Carnoch group. More roadwork to Bellsgrove then off-road to Coire Dubh and then cross country alongside Loch Shiel before returning to Fort William via sections at Uachan, Fassfern and Annat and the final group at spectator favourite Trotters Burn with today’s route clocking up 77 miles in total.

Dabill dropped one of his marks in the second section of the day at Ardgour and another at the following group Carnoch, after a brilliant clean on the first section of the group where he pioneered a line that all successful attempts would follow.

While Dabill may have retained his three-point advantage, this is now held over 12-times and reigning Scottish king, Dougie Lampkin who very much has his eyes on the top step of the podium on Saturday night.

The Vertigo factory star had taken his early start on Tuesday and was now in the favoured position at the back of the field. Lampkin joins Gas Gas UK rider Michael Brown on five marks overall after Brown dropped just two for the day to maintain his challenge for a first Scottish victory.

In fourth place, Sherco’s Dan Peace is still in the hunt for a podium place with an impressive third day performance, equalling Doug’s one mark effort. Iwan Roberts (TRRS) fought back from a poor Tuesday to leap back into sixth place, just behind Gas Gas ace Jack Price, who kept his daily loss to just two.

The fourth and last rider to ride all 30 sections for just one mark was veteran John Lee Gas Gas rider, Sam Haslam. Haslam always comes good for the Scottish and holds on to his place in the top ten.

The three-man battle for honours as Best Scottish rider saw the lead change for the third time in three days as Andy Anderson (Scorpa) hit the front from Joe Dawson (TRRS) with yesterday’s leader Calum Murphy (TRRS) relegated to third with just seven marks separating the front runners.

In the Scottish Newcomers Danny Sutherland (Gas Gas) eased ahead of Montesa mounted Andrew Rose with just five marks separating the duo.

All nine girls are still running strong with Sherco factory star, World Champion Emma Bristow not only holding a massive class lead, but the talented Lincolnshire lady also sits in a very impressive 29th position overall.

Thursday will see another long day in the saddle, starting with a trip along the historic Mamore road to Kinlochleven, then down Glencoe taking in sections at Chairlift and Ba House before hitting the tracks across Rannoch moor to the final group which will be six sections at Fersit.

The second longest route of the week, Thursday will see the riders clock up 101 miles in total.

SSDT Results 2019 (After Day 3)

No.RiderO/ADay 1Day 2Day 3Total
111James Dabill10022
73Dougie Lampkin21315
128Michael Brown31225
214Dan Peace45117
130Jack Price51528
82Iwan Roberts6010111
77Francesc Moret751612
225Sam Haslam847112
266Andy Chilton943512
94Richard Sadler1027514
133James Fry1145514
216Jack Peace1244715
79Ross Danby13210416
208Dan Thorpe14102820
44Tom Minta15511521
223Alexz Wigg16411621
153Thomas Sagar17911626
135Sam Connor18981128
81Luke Walker191161128
85Ben Hemingway205131129
210Chris Pearson2111101031
75Amos Bilbao226131534
69Benoit Dagnicourt235131735
93Guy Kendrew241314835
118Declan Bullock259131335
200Joe Baker264131936
47Stephen Dixon279131436
160Sam Yeadon2815161142
131Emma Bristow2910181543
215John Sunter309191745
268Tom Affleck3111161845
46Richard Gaskell32992846
83Dan Hemingway3316221149
136Jonny Starmer3413201750
70Jan Peters3513221954
92Richard Timperley3616192257
129John Shirt3715261960
219Chris Alford3813252361
124Andy Perry3919152963
211Philip Alderson4022212568
36Andrew Anderson4129152468
112Filippo Locca4211213769
187Joe Dawson4312253471
272Tom Middleton4424252574
275Stephen Larkin4521183574
40Aran Drachenberg4628192774
115Juan Knight4717312775
39Calum Murphy4816223977
251Tobias Baptist4931262279
270John Carroll5024263181
206Roger Harvey Williams5139183087
162Joel Sadler5225342887
120Gareth Andrews5325283588
148Dominique Guillaume5420244589
262Lambert Meyer5533352290
241Nathan Wrigglesworth5624194891
224Jack Lee5729352892
7Scott Cameron5828353396
274John Charlton5936233897
260John Battensby60243541100
207Oliver Smith61243542101
217Matthew Alpe62274036103
37James Johnson63382045103
52Joe Spivey64274532104
66Norbert F. Monteis65354624105
45Nigel Birkett66362447107
234Gareth Palmer67283744109
161Dave Mawer68403635111
257Craig Talbot69333742112
254Marc Terricabras70244147112
230Andrew Blackman71253950114
42Stuart Gaskell72412845114
26Boyd Webster73363345114
255Ignasi Nogue74333646115
2Pere Casas Cros75483335116
203Ian Martin76503434118
240Alfons Soler Ferran77383842118
1Carlos Casas78393842119
34James Postlethwaite79453145121
23Mark Cottingham80493834121
231Will Mcbain81463442122
213Mark Sunter82354443122
43Graham Tales83483246126
175Philip Wiffen84365140127
110Davide Coppi85334253128
80Axel Jane Pascual86354944128
109Richard Fraser87383556129
186Stuart Mack88443749130
25Thomas Moss89463553134
222Jess Bown90424052134
233Fred Adams91413657134
143Joseph Hutchinson92365347136
181Liston Bell93464050136
33Robbie Weir94483850136
117Connor Hogan95335351137
155Gilles Burgat96444053137
121Gus Oblein97325056138
280Miguel B. Fraile98385249139
261Scott Aitkin99454254141
87Jorge Alonso100464849143
72Tom Fraser101475443144
71Paul Dixon102464555146
256Gareth Talbot103464951146
108Allan Iain Macmaster104415156148
242James Black105404464148
144Ross Murray106355657148
100Paul Nicholson107385657151
178Lewis Bell108495449152
202Shaun Martin109534856157
209Katy Sunter110464666158
244Jake Gowan111455659160
30Alan Mudd112653561161
258James Battensby113484865161
185Andrew Lishman114655541161
271Brian Mcloughlin115644256162
159Scott Alexander116426357162
9Josep Maria Prat117535158162
179Jamie Reid118415170162
6Wayne Jones119625348163
246Phillip Battensby120395272163
141Neil Dawson121536051164
156Andrew Sagar122485462164
137Allan Adamson123535854165
204Stuart Blythe124535558166
247Robert Metcalfe125584566169
17Julien Panabieres126695053172
61Benjamin AllisonHughes127556948172
5David Carter128584769174
88Joan Gaspar129535764174
196Colin Ward130545764175
248Trevor Willans131485476178
126Luke Anderson132585863179
253Per Berggren133634868179
90Chloe Richardson134616556182
220Matt Bown135575768182
28Tyler Murphy136606165186
14Patrick Jukes137704769186
205Dennis Sweeten138477367187
201Josh Wright139626956187
195Richard Wells140596071190
95Gary Pears141586270190
12Ally Morrice142665768191
221Louise Alford143546770191
18Jack Austin144597558192
150Alexander Stampfli145586274194
63Nigel Scott146617657194
245Nick Royle147606768195
11Albert Arana Puig148696066195
127Daniel Lamont149577069196
235Patrick Palmer150567665197
173Scott Turpin151586774199
119Matt Dixon152716959199
35Robert James153735970202
29Daniel Lambert154775174202
58George Spivey155657760202
116Thomas Knight156686670204
98Sam Cahill157626082204
188Vince Mackintosh158626678206
59Jonathon Hughes159698357209
89Danny Sutherland160726572209
125Steven Moffat161536592210
194Martin Hawyes162677271210
142Philip Scott163627575212
170Michael Anderson164717072213
8Mark Cameron165705885213
164Andrew Rose166547684214
19Patrice Pastou167736681220
96Ian Payne168647581220
145Gordon Murray169756582222
146David Hollands170657980224
91Hannah Styles171678771225
249Markus Pfitzmaier172787572225
41John Holland173766783226
84Santi Soler174728075227
64Oliver Lace175728669227
32Chris Howman176777279228
180John Robb177717186228
163Leo Salvadori178757679230
277Leopold Steiner179707289231
269Tony Martin180698379231
165Kevin White181736990232
13Euan Campbell182846781232
152Andre Buchwalder183748179234
122Russell Houston1846310368234
106Sandy George185677691234
252Martin Carter186717689236
193Sean Radcliff187777486237
281Gary Maclennan188707592237
171Chris Moir189698286237
10Neil Macniven190766993238
56Miles Carruthers191698981239
67Richard Berthou1926611661243
57Aleyn Taggart193769276244
278Gavin Brown194818084245
259Aaron Dugdale195738984246
97Lewis Macdonald196748587246
238Lopez-Pasca Cesar197668895249
49Fergus Lamb198759382250
74Jordi Monras Soto199849769250
183Scott Gordon200718893252
212Andrew Smith201828486252
132Neil Bowker202748496254
226Bob Adams203888681255
31Ronnie Day2047810476258
279Tony Wild205798695260
22Renaud Bourdin206967195262
113Jane Daniels2078875100263
48Duncan Hutchison2087810086264
38Stuart Crayk209778999265
50Clarke Hutchison210839390266
3Kevin Morphett2119075107272
21Victoria Payne212998786272
228James Snowden2138610286274
172Neil Wilson21469104102275
99Calum Macdonald2158879108275
236Joan Torres2167710596278
76Marc C. Zambrano2179410481279
60Roy Palmer2188310792282
263Paul Paterson Snr219909894282
107Calum Easson2209192103286
114Paul Jones2218710496287
86Murray Mackay2229112276289
273Sam Ward2239094105289
24Thomas Weir2249790104291
190Christian Valeri22578104112294
229Kevin Gundry22691102106299
140Graeme Wilson227101100100301
105Tom Green2287313299304
191Marco Marranci22982117107306
237Rosa Torres Ferraz23095106105306
27Jack Stiles23110993105307
149Mark Grant232102100105307
158Guy Favre23382124104310
157Charles Maclean2347415584313
151Joan B. Martinez23595116104315
51Sheldon Seal23610212196319
168Mattie Reffin237103120101324
147Duncan Wright238106100118324
55John Mitchell23910013096326
243Jonny Brown240103105119327
139Terence Mckee24183136113332
169George Gage242100124109333
104Andrew Walters243106120108334
177Jack Metcalfe244104112121337
4Alastair Millar245115108114337
102Howard Gulley24682138120340
276Paul Paterson Jnr247108117117342
53David Vass248100128116344
283Thomas Hetze2491649593352
239Ignasi Ysac25099128128355
264Gavin Cairns251112117126355
167Barry Watson252116140105361
138Duncan Wood253118117129364
184Sam Sanderson254121121122364
78Isidre F. Canaleta255113131124368
197Felipe Koberg25695167106368
101Paul Plunkett257130117122369
134Aaron Hain258113149111373
282Daniel Cole259123125138386
103Colin Close260123127137387
265Ali Morrison261130128130388
174Jon Berlin262113152124389
54Jamie Black263121142126389
62Yannick Rigolot264127146120393
192Paolo Broganelli265127144123394
20Dougie Fox266135133133401
199Craig Keyworth267146139126411
189Alessandro Merlo268131148136415
182Richard Penfold269130161138429
218Craig Middleton270111127193431
198Fernando Castaneda271116188129433
176Lee Mcgee2725660624740
267Hugh Barker2737770371851
227Tom Adams2748212608402182