Scottish Six Days Trial

SSDT 2019: Little change at the top on Day 4 – report & full results

SSDT 2019: Little change at the top on Day 4 – report & full results

There was no change in the lead in the 2019 Scottish Six Days Trial today as both James Dabill (Beta) and Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo) completed the thirty observed sections without dropping a single mark.

This means James continues to lead Dougie by just three marks with their total scores remaining at two against five.

Michael Brown (Gas Gas) dropped from joint second with Lampkin to a close third overall as his one mark for the day, dropped in the second section at Gorton gives Lampkin the advantage.

Sherco’s Dan Peace dropped two today and while he retains a fine fourth place overall, the very low marks being lost this week meant that he lost just that much ground from the leaders and exactly the same goes for Jack Price (Gas Gas) who remains just one mark behind Dan.

There was one more clean ride today which went to Welsh ace Iwan Roberts (TRS) who has worked his way back to sixth overall after slipping to eleventh on Tuesday following a bad day.

The route for Thursday, day four of the 2019 SSDT, was the second longest of the week at a mighty 101 miles. From the start in Fort William the route headed to Kinlochleven on the Mamore road before looping round the head of Loch Leven and heading down Glencoe. After the well-known groups of sections at Chairlift and Ba House the trial faced the longest stretch of off-road with the crossing of Rannoch moor, bringing the riders eventually to the final group at Fersit and then a 20 mile run on the road back to the Parc Ferme.

Back at base, the general consensus from the leading riders was that it had actually been a surprisingly easy day in the sections and this was borne out when the results were announced with no fewer than 34 riders managing daily scores in single figures.

Many sections were familiar but with the very dry conditions on the course they simply proved easier to ride. Enduro ace Tom Sagar (Montesa) enjoyed a near-perfect day joining Michael Brown, Jack Peace (Sherco), Dec Bullock (Gas Gas) and Spaniard Francesc Moret (Montesa) on just one mark for the day.

Andrew Anderson (Scorpa) enjoyed a single figure ride, losing just seven marks to ease away from the TRRS mounted duo of Joe Dawson and Calum Murphy in the titanic battle for the title of Best Scottish Rider.

Emma Bristow (Sherco) continues to impress with a convincing lead in the Ladies and holds 31st place overall.

Friday will see the traditional ride round the Moidart peninsula, a 95-mile ride, mainly on the road except for several short off-road stretches. This gives the tiring clubmen some respite while it is great for spectators with most sections set just off the road.

SSDT Results 2019 (After Day 4)

NoRiderO/ADay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Total
111James Dabill100202
73Dougie Lampkin213105
128Michael Brown312216
214Dan Peace451129
130Jack Price5152210
82Iwan Roberts60101011
77Francesc Moret7516113
266Andy Chilton8435214
216Jack Peace9447116
133James Fry10455216
94Richard Sadler11275216
225Sam Haslam12471618
79Ross Danby132104622
208Dan Thorpe141028323
44Tom Minta155115425
153Thomas Sagar169116127
223Alexz Wigg174116627
85Ben Hemingway1851311231
135Sam Connor199811533
81Luke Walker2011611735
118Declan Bullock2191313136
69Benoit Dagnicourt2251317237
210Chris Pearson23111010637
75Amos Bilbao2461315438
200Joe Baker2541319238
93Guy Kendrew2613148338
47Stephen Dixon2791314945
215John Sunter2891917954
136Jonny Starmer29132017555
160Sam Yeadon301516111355
131Emma Bristow311018151255
46Richard Gaskell3299281056
268Tom Affleck331116181156
83Dan Hemingway34162211857
70Jan Peters351322191165
92Richard Timperley361619221067
219Chris Alford37132523768
129John Shirt38152619969
124Andy Perry391915291073
36Andrew Anderson40291524775
211Philip Alderson412221251179
112Filippo Locca421121371079
187Joe Dawson431225341182
40Aran Drachenberg442819271488
39Calum Murphy451622391390
115Juan Knight461731271691
275Stephen Larkin472118351993
272Tom Middleton482425251993
251Tobias Baptist493126221493
120Gareth Andrews50252835997
270John Carroll5124263122103
262Lambert Meyer5233352214104
241Nathan Wrigglesworth5324194817108
274John Charlton5436233815112
260John Battensby5524354113113
206Roger Harvey Williams5639183026113
224Jack Lee5729352823115
52Joe Spivey5827453212116
162Joel Sadler5925342830117
7Scott Cameron6028353322118
37James Johnson6138204517120
217Matthew Alpe6227403621124
26Boyd Webster6336334512126
254Marc Terricabras6424414715127
207Oliver Smith6524354228129
45Nigel Birkett6636244726133
42Stuart Gaskell6741284522136
240Alfons Soler Ferran6838384218136
148Dominique Guillaume6920244547136
66Norbert F. Monteis7035462432137
2Pere Casas Cros7148333521137
234Gareth Palmer7228374429138
23Mark Cottingham7349383417138
230Andrew Blackman7425395026140
161Dave Mawer7540363529140
203Ian Martin7650343423141
110Davide Coppi7733425314142
257Craig Talbot7833374230142
34James Postlethwaite7945314523144
213Mark Sunter8035444322144
109Richard Fraser8138355617146
1Carlos Casas8239384230149
121Gus Oblein8332505614152
117Connor Hogan8433535116153
33Robbie Weir8548385021157
25Thomas Moss8646355324158
233Fred Adams8741365725159
255Ignasi Nogue8833364645160
280Miguel B. Fraile8938524923162
231Will Mcbain9046344240162
261Scott Aitkin9145425422163
71Paul Dixon9246455519165
80Axel Jane Pascual9335494437165
175Philip Wiffen9436514040167
222Jess Bown9542405233167
108Allan Iain Macmaster9641515621169
186Stuart Mack9744374941171
100Paul Nicholson9838565721172
181Liston Bell9946405038174
43Graham Tales10048324650176
87Jorge Alonso10146484935178
202Shaun Martin10253485623180
256Gareth Talbot10346495135181
155Gilles Burgat10444405344181
72Tom Fraser10547544338182
9Josep Maria Prat10653515821183
143Joseph Hutchinson10736534747183
242James Black10840446439187
30Alan Mudd10965356128189
144Ross Murray11035565741189
137Allan Adamson11153585428193
204Stuart Blythe11253555829195
185Andrew Lishman11365554134195
209Katy Sunter11446466637195
141Neil Dawson11553605132196
258James Battensby11648486538199
61Benjamin AllisonHughes 117556948280
244Jake Gowan11845565940200
247Robert Metcalfe11958456631200
246Phillip Battensby12039527239202
178Lewis Bell12149544950202
271Brian Mcloughlin12264425641203
6Wayne Jones12362534841204
17Julien Panabieres12469505335207
126Luke Anderson12558586328207
179Jamie Reid12641517046208
196Colin Ward12754576437212
156Andrew Sagar12848546250214
90Chloe Richardson12961655639221
253Per Berggren13063486842221
88Joan Gaspar13153576448222
248Trevor Willans13248547644222
28Tyler Murphy13360616538224
5David Carter13458476955229
127Daniel Lamont13557706934230
205Dennis Sweeten13647736746233
95Gary Pears13758627043233
12Ally Morrice13866576843234
18Jack Austin13959755843235
201Josh Wright14062695648235
14Patrick Jukes14170476950236
220Matt Bown14257576855237
116Thomas Knight14368667038242
63Nigel Scott14461765748242
195Richard Wells14559607152242
29Daniel Lambert14677517441243
159Scott Alexander14742635783245
96Ian Payne14864758126246
58George Spivey14965776046248
245Nick Royle15060676854249
98Sam Cahill15162608245249
119Matt Dixon15271695953252
59Jonathon Hughes15369835745254
235Patrick Palmer15456766557254
35Robert James15573597055257
125Steven Moffat15653659248258
89Danny Sutherland15772657253262
8Mark Cameron15870588553266
221Louise Alford15954677076267
122Russell Houston160631036835269
173Scott Turpin16158677471270
164Andrew Rose16254768461275
170Michael Anderson16371707262275
194Martin Hawyes16467727166276
150Alexander Stampfli16558627483277
19Patrice Pastou16673668158278
188Vince Mackintosh16762667872278
142Philip Scott16862757569281
13Euan Campbell16984678152284
249Markus Pfitzmaier17078757259284
91Hannah Styles17167877160285
64Oliver Lace17272866959286
269Tony Martin17369837957288
106Sandy George17467769154288
84Santi Soler17572807562289
32Chris Howman17677727965293
67Richard Berthou177661166151294
277Leopold Steiner17870728963294
171Chris Moir17969828657294
56Miles Carruthers18069898156295
41John Holland18176678370296
252Martin Carter18271768961297
145Gordon Murray18375658277299
49Fergus Lamb18475938250300
10Neil Macniven18576699363301
97Lewis Macdonald18674858757303
165Kevin White18773699072304
193Sean Radcliff18877748671308
281Gary Maclennan18970759273310
163Leo Salvadori19075767980310
146David Hollands19165798088312
57Aleyn Taggart19276927669313
180John Robb19371718686314
259Aaron Dugdale19473898470316
132Neil Bowker19574849662316
278Gavin Brown19681808471316
31Ronnie Day197781047662320
74Jordi Monras Soto19884976970320
183Scott Gordon19971889369321
152Andre Buchwalder20074817988322
113Jane Daniels201887510062325
238Lopez-Pasca Cesar20266889577326
279Tony Wild20379869567327
48Duncan Hutchison204781008663327
212Andrew Smith20582848678330
226Bob Adams20688868177332
38Stuart Crayk20777899971336
60Roy Palmer208831079257339
21Victoria Payne20999878668340
99Calum Macdonald210887910866341
50Clarke Hutchison21183939078344
3Kevin Morphett212907510774346
236Joan Torres213771059670348
273Sam Ward214909410564353
114Paul Jones215871049668355
86Murray Mackay216911227668357
107Calum Easson217919210377363
24Thomas Weir218979010475366
76Marc C. Zambrano219941048188367
263Paul Paterson Snr22090989486368
228James Snowden221861028696370
22Renaud Bourdin222967195110372
172Neil Wilson2236910410299374
27Jack Stiles2241099310570377
229Kevin Gundry2259110210683382
105Tom Green226731329981385
140Graeme Wilson22710110010086387
237Rosa Torres Ferraz2289510610584390
157Charles Maclean229741558489402
51Sheldon Seal2301021219683402
190Christian Valeri23178104112109403
149Mark Grant232102100105100407
55John Mitchell2331001309690416
104Andrew Walters23410612010884418
283Thomas Hetze235164959367419
191Marco Marranci23682117107115421
102Howard Gulley2378213812092432
139Terence Mckee23883136113100432
147Duncan Wright239106100118110434
243Jonny Brown240103105119107434
4Alastair Millar241115108114106443
53David Vass242100128116102446
168Mattie Reffin243103120101124448
158Guy Favre24482124104139449
169George Gage245100124109119452
276Paul Paterson Jnr246108117117112454
239Ignasi Ysac24799128128101456
167Barry Watson24811614010596457
177Jack Metcalfe249104112121120457
101Paul Plunkett25013011712297466
184Sam Sanderson251121121122102466
138Duncan Wood252118117129114478
62Yannick Rigolot25312714612093486
134Aaron Hain254113149111114487
78Isidre F. Canaleta255113131124131499
265Ali Morrison256130128130113501
54Jamie Black257121142126112501
103Colin Close258123127137115502
174Jon Berlin259113152124130519
282Daniel Cole260123125138133519
20Dougie Fox261135133133135536
192Paolo Broganelli262127144123146540
218Craig Middleton263111127193110541
199Craig Keyworth264146139126133544
182Richard Penfold265130161138138567
189Alessandro Merlo266131148136169584
198Fernando Castaneda267116188129349782
267Hugh Barker268777037152903
197Felipe Koberg269951671067781146
264Gavin Cairns2701121171268521207
151Joan B. Martinez271951161049441259
11Albert Arana Puig272696066 11130

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