Scottish Six Days Trial

SSDT: The calm before the storm

SSDT: The calm before the storm

John Lee Motorcycles pals Sam Haslam, Alexz Wigg and Jack Lee

SUNDAY before the Scottish Six Days Trial is given over to Technical Control, historically named the weigh-in.

It comprises machines being scrutineered in parc ferme and the engine and chassis marked with official painted numbers while signing-on is completed in the trial headquarters, The Ben Nevis Hotel.

With a fine sunny day, the parc ferme – which is the Fort William West End car park for the rest of the year – was packed with riders and fans just enjoying the atmosphere.

There was plenty of chatting and catching-up going on while riders busied themselves with last-minute prep.

Some riders turn up with machines having been checked, checked and checked again and get them scrutineered early doors and get it out of the way.

Others stress and fiddle and stress again before checking in last-minute, convinced they have missed something vital. With all safely in parc ferme by two o’clock there was then an hour to spare before the entire field filed back in to collect their machines for the Official Parade through Fort William High Street.

All the contenders were looking confident including of course Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo)looking for a record 12+1 (otherwise known as 13), wins!

James Dabill (Beta) is ready to take the fight to Doug once again and has fingers crossed that fate doesn’t play a cruel hand as it did last year, when a flat tyre spinning in the rim in a Ben Nevis section on Saturday afternoon cost him a cricial maximum.

Jack Price and Michael Brown represent a twin-pronged Gas Gas attack while Sherco look to Dan and Jack Peace to apply the pressure.