Take a Look: Ian Cook’s Beamish Suzuki

Take a Look: Ian Cook’s Beamish Suzuki

Ian Cook's Beamish Suzuki

You can have it in any colour you like as long as it’s yellow! Ian Cook’s 325 Beamish Suzuki was looking pretty tired when he got his hands on it but it was something of a diamond in the rough.

The chrome-plated Whitlock frame and swinging arm polished-up nicely. There’s some wear but as Ian says this is a bike to ride, not show, so that’s fine. Footrests were relocated down and back to give a modern riding stance.

The front forks were polished and treated to a set of Active Springs plus a new top yoke was manufactured with centrally placed oversize bars. Falcon shocks control the rear end and wheels were rebuilt with Gas Gas rims.

The motor was stripped and completely rebuilt with a recon crankshaft and new bearings. The primary drive side flywheel was removed for more lively performance, it was treated to a Cliff Richard dual stage ignition system and runs a 28mm Keihin flat slide carb which sends the mixture through a Yamaha RD400 reed block which offers a wide choice of reed petals.

Alan Nicklin did a lot of work on the top end of the motor to ensure it runs silky smooth. As it is a bike to ride, not just admire, it is something of an ongoing project and has seen action in KIA National Twin-shock rounds.