Vertigo Combat Titanium R 2019

Vertigo Combat Titanium R 2019

The most exclusive motorcycle trials bike on the market arrives in 2019 in a limited edition of only 40 units.

The Combat Titanium comes again with its unique titanium frame, the lightest and most manageable one ever built, complemented with a group of premium components meaning this is the most advanced model ever created in terms of technology and innovation.

Its unique plaque with the number of the series brings even more singularity to each model, providing the final users a motorcycle that nobody else owns worldwide.

Vertigo Combat Titanium R 2019 details

  • Reiger 3 way monoshock
  • Titanium screw kit New monoblock front caliper CNC mechanised
  • Renthal Fatbar
  • Magnetic kill switch
  • Aluminium front fork with a compression, extension, preload and maximum compression regulator
  • Limited edition aluminium foot-rests
  • New fork clamps geometry
  • Titanium foot-rests support
  • New titanium muffler design
  • New subframe carbon protector
  • Anodised red and bronze details
  • Anodised bronze rims
  • Lightweight rear rim
  • Mechanised hubs in anodised red
  • Limited edition series metallic plate (40 units)
  • Titanium GR5 tubular frame of 2,100kg weight
  • Direct engine cylinder cooler
  • New livery in green tones
  • Optimised injection maps
  • Mapping switch for dry and wet conditions
  • White aluminium swingarm
  • Rear brake disc with FIM certification Dunlop D803GP tires
  • Weight: 65Kg