Vic Brittain Trial – report

Vic Brittain Trial – report

Vic Brittain - Ben Sprigg wheelies his way out of a Rattinghope section

The Vic Brittain has had a chequered history over the years but it has endured and its current popularity under the organising South Shropshire MCC is more than evident.

The maximum 120-strong entry was reached very quickly and with two long laps of 18 sections it was a good day’s riding despite the weather which got pretty miserable from mid-morning around the Rattinghope landscape in Shrops.

Vic Brittain- Rob Warner was a worthy winner of the Inter class

To avoid any queuing riders were split into two groups with the mid-entry numbers stating part way around the course.

The Expert win went to Ross Danby who had a totally dominant ride from Tom Minta, another rider who knows the area well. Both Ross and Tom as well as Sam Yeomans and Chris Alford tackled the early number subs first which were a mixture of streams and sharp banks with double cleans.

It was very different to see Sam Haslam mounted on a Honda and he finished in third place, just two marks adrift of Minta. The Experts generally found the second half of the course tougher with the 13th and 16th hazards taking marks from everyone.

The Inter class had some good battles going on but it was Rob Warner who bagged the honours with a loss of just three marks, all of which went in single dabs.

Rob was looking very comfortable as he took the win from Jason Galvin – with Shaun Fox third. Both riders finished on eight marks lost and the same number of cleans so the verdict went to Jason who had more single dabs.

Vic Brittain – Donna Fox

It was still a good result for Shaun who we don’t see that often and he kept a certain Steve Saunders just off the podium results. It was good to see Steve out and riding around with James.

A strong Clubman’s entry saw Andy Hipwell take the win, he obviously likes South Shropshire events.

He pulled away from his rivals, double cleaning a dozen of the 18 sections in what turned out to be a comfortable win.

Mike Leddy was to take second with James Lamin third. Leddy and Lamin both lost more marks at section 11 enabling Hipwell to keep clear of his main rivals.

Expert: Ross Danby 18, Tom Minta 29, Sam Haslam 31, Sam Yeomans 48, Chris Alford 58, Hugo Jervis 59, Tom Moss 62, Ben Sprigg 77, Will McBain 96, Steven Harris 97.
Inter: Rob Warner 3, Jason Galvin 30, Shaun Fox 30, Steve Saunders 10, Jess Bown 11, Billy Craig 27, Gareth Talbot 23, John Cowley 28, Craig Talbot 20, Richard Webster 20.
Clubman: Andy Hipwell 12, Mike Leddy 20, James Lamin 22, Tony Cowley 23, John Holland 25, Dave Smith 27, George Brannan 28, Clive Charlton 29, Stefan Walters 30, Gareth Roberts 31.

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