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A matter for the FIM legal team – Trial2 world title fight continues?

A matter for the FIM legal team – Trial2 world title fight continues?

Toby Martyn, Trial GP

Following the controversial manner in which Matteo Grattarola clinched the Trial2 world title at his home round in Italy on September 16, the matter is now with the FIM legal team with a ruling expected within days.

Toby Martyn needed to finish second behind the veteran Italian to take the championship and when Gabriel Marcelli was initially credited with a maximum on the final section it appeared as though the title was heading back to Cornwall. However, the decision was then reversed which dropped the British teenager to third and consequently cost him the championship.

Series promoter Sport7 subsequently released the following statement last week…

‘Sport7 is fully aware of the events that unfolded at section fifteen on the second and final lap of the TrialGP Italy event held at the Metzeler Offroad Park at Pietramurata Di Dro last Sunday 16th September and that have been widely reported post event.

Sport7 is also aware of the consequences of this event that ultimately determined the outcome of the 2018 FIM Trial2 World Championship.

Having now fully reviewed the circumstances that surrounded these events and supporting evidence, Sport7 have referred the matter back to the FIM for urgent and further investigation to ensure that the correct processes were duly followed.

Sport7 would like to clarify that members of their staff who witnessed the incident first hand along with many other bystanders, are in no doubt that an event official was subjected to external influences.

As a direct result of unauthorised interventions the official latterly decided to alter what was originally a proper and correct sporting decision that was consistent with his previous decisions throughout the event, without real reason to do so.

Sport7 can in no way excuse or ignore what has occurred and it is clear that outside influencing of an event official is one of the most serious matters that can take place inside any sporting event.

Whilst Sport7 is not directly responsible for sporting matters, they will not tolerate such behaviour as it has put the overall integrity of the series in question and tarnished the image of the same, despite having worked tirelessly over the last two seasons to deliver a professional and unprejudiced championship.

Sport7 is totally committed to supporting the FIM in their investigation, and therefore will not make any further comment until this process has been completed.’