Trial World Championship

Portugal ready for latest TrialGP battle

Portugal ready for latest TrialGP battle

Emma Bristow in action in Japan

There’s Trial World Championship action from Portugal this weekend when the town of Gouveia hosts the fifth round of the 2019 Men’s TrialGP and Trial2 series.

TrialGP Women are back in action for the first time since their double-header in Japan while Trial2 Women finally get their season underway. The Trial125 class sits this one out.

In TrialGP there will be the usual 13 entries, with 12 of them attempting to stop the Toni Bou Express, the Repsol Honda rider currently racing towards his 13th consecutive World crown, unbeaten this season to date.

Britain’s James Dabill (Beta) will be hoping to improve on his current seventh place in the standings while Jack Price (Gas Gas) and Dan Peace (Sherco) look to make their mark.

Trial2 is again the largest class by far with 28 hopefuls and Britain’s Toby Martyn (Beta) looking to nail his first win of the year and make inroads on reigning champ Matteo Grattartola’s (Honda) lead.

James Dabill (Beta) will be hoping to improve on his current seventh place in the standings

Grattarola currently sits on 92 points with Toby battling with young Spaniard Gabriel Marcelli (Montesa) on 78 and 77 points respectively. Jack Peace (Sherco) and Billy Green (Montesa) are also in the T2 mix.

There are 10 girls going for glory in TrialGP Women with reigning Champ, Britain’s Emma Bristow (Sherco) wanting to build on her 10 point advantage over the field following her double win in Japan.

Emma’s closest challengers are both Spanish, the experienced Sandra Gomez (TRRS) and young Berta Abellan (Vertigo).

The Trial2 Women’s class now gets its season under way and there is a twin-pronged British attack with the determined and talented pairing of Alice Minta (Scorpa) and Alicia Robinson (Beta). Go Girls!

They join a field of nine girls with the favourite very probably being German Sophia Ter Jung (TRRS) daughter of former TWC contender Jens Ter Jung, who finished third last year but Alex Brancati and Maddie Hoover have moved up to TrialGP this season.