Yeadon Guiseley tie up pre-festivities at Dob Park

Yeadon Guiseley tie up pre-festivities at Dob Park

Dan Hemingway

Richard Sadler switched from top level national trials down to a club championship event at Dob Park on Sunday morning where 59 riders and 20 young children competed in the tenth and final Yeadon-Guiseley pre-Christmas event. After torrential rain both Dob Park and the adjacent Brown’s Wood were treacherous under foot and wheel.

The main adult and youth trials course was in Browns Wood where ten very testing sections sorted the men from the boys. Ironically Sadler was tested by Dan Hemingway, Guy Kendrew and Sam Beecroft- Penny.

That quartet were well clear of youth Charlie Smith who had Harry Turner and British Class Youth champion Harry Hemingway right on his case. Only Sadler and Hemingway senior mastered the hard Crosser’s Rocks where Kendrew and Beecroft-Penny dropped a mark.

Kendrew has shadowed, and beaten at times, Sadler, who is British S3 Parts and British Expert class champion, and but for dropping a third lap penalty in section four Hemingway would have won a tie-breaker for the top spot!

James Noble missed his Sunday morning lie-in when a phone call from a farmer demanded his specialist services before dawn. Seems milking machines don’t work too well without electricity. However ‘Bobble’ (his national nickname) hurled his Beta home ahead of Paul Kettlewell and the unquestioned ‘king’ of his class Jamie Stephenson who was also minding his youngest son Freddie who contested Clubman B class.

Ride of the trial came from Alice Minta who took a splendid fourth place in Clubman A, a mere six penalties behind Jamie Stephenson. Tony Holmes won the Over 50s from Phillip Hammond and Karl Greaves among 27 starters.

The contingent of small wheels class contenders certainly had a tough time in the park dankness and spills and skids were the norm. Harrison Lightfoot won the hard route from local lad Jimmy Crabtree and Alfie Carney. Aiden Richardson just managed to foil Alanna Eagleton who had quite a few slips and slides.


Hard course
Experts: Richard Sadler (JST Gas Gas) 2, Dan Hemingway (Beta) UK) 2, Guy Kendrew (JST Gas Gas) 11.
Novice: Richard Pettler (Beta) 89, Jake Eley (Beta) 97.
Youth A: Charlie Smith (Beta) 38, Harry Turner (Gas Gas) 55, Harry Hemingway (Beta) 57.
Clubman A course
Novice: James Noble (Beta) 16, Paul Kettlewell (Sherco) 17, Jamie Stephenson (Montesa) 21.
Youth B: Alice Minta (Scorpa) 27, Andrew Reynolds (Beta) 31, George Hemingway (Beta) 49.
Clubman B course:
Novice: Karl Greaves (Vertigo) 20, Ben Yeadon (Beta) 68, Nigel Ridley (Sherco) 72
Over 40: Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 20, Chris Manby (Gas Gas) 45.
Over 50: Tony Holmes (Beta) 17, Robert Hardisty (Sherco) 22, Ian Haigh (Montesa) 24.
Youth C: Charlie Crossland (Beta) 79, Arran Sherwin (Beta) 128, Freddie Stephenson (Beta0 129.
Hard route: Harrison Lightfoot (Beta) 28, Jimmy Crabtree (Oset) 34, Alfie Carney (Oset) 37
Middle route: Poppy Fletcher (Oset) 20, 2 Joel Isherwood (Oset) 27, Zachary Sellers (Beta) 29.
Easy Route: Aiden Richardson (|Oset) 11,Alanna Eagleton (Oset) 19, Edward Stansfield.