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Dirt Bike Rider – February 2019


Published: January 18, 2019

If you missed this issue at your local newsagent, don’t worry…pick up a copy of your favourite off-road magazine right here!

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In This Issue

  • Nuno Laranjeira – DBR’s chosen one – well; photographer anyway – shares a collection of his favourite imagery from the 2018 off-road world showcasing the weird; wicked and wonderful….
  • AMA Supercross – All the action from the Anaheim as the 2019 AMA Supercross season gets off to the soggiest of starts in Angel Stadium
  • 250F Mega Test – A half-dozen magnificent MX2 missiles get their wheels ridden off as we attempt to pick ourselves a favourite
  • Emma Bristow – The Queen of the trials has racked up an impressive five feet-up world titles on the trot and still shows no signs of stopping or even slowing down yet – but what’s next for Emma Bristow?
  • The Art of Freeride – Sick riding skills show in awesome locations by some of the world’s greatest photographers – what’s not to love?
  • Bolivian Street Racing – It’s dirt-bike racing; Jim; but not as we know it….
  • Rockstar Husqvarna Test – Bryan MacKenzie lives the dream and gets to grip n’ rip the factory race bikes of Olsen; Covington; Anstie and Paulin….
  • Newshound – If you like news – that’s including good news; bad news; shocking news; exciting news; sad news and many more types of news – then we’ve got news for you….
  • Motoxword – Put the right words in the right boxes and you could win some amazing Evans Waterless Coolant and even have a good time doing it – yay!
  • Burnicle’s Beat – Ladies Mile near Chalton; Portsmouth hosted the 1974 British 250cc motocross grand prix and guess what? No; not that or that or even that but this – Jack Burnicle was there! Shocked? You shouldn’t be….
  • Ride Section – The Gingerbread Dan races enduro with admittedly decent results and Max watches someone else do all the hard work which lets Bry get in on the action….
  • Twisted – A sweet seven-fingered surprise for all you Youth MX fans….

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