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Dirt Bike Rider – May 2018


Published: April 13, 2018

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  • HUNTER LAWRENCE – Get out yer banjos and sing this to the theme of the Beverley Hillbillies…”Gonna tell you a story ’bout a family from Down Under; They’ve got two young kids one named Jett – the other Hunter; Then one day while they were racing for MX pride; Hunter got lucky and he scored a factory ride…” Okay; we’re done with that but what happened next will astound and amaze you. This feature alone is a must-read dealio; yo!
  • BERNIE SCHREIBER – Lord Lawless hunts down the only American to ever win a Trial World Championship to find out about that and what happened next for the one and only mustachioed motorcycle magician…
  • BILLY BOLT – The British battler has settled down well into his new role as a SuperEnduro superstar and so our off-road expert Robert Lynn caught up with the Rockstar Husqvarna racer to get the lowdown on his outstanding rookie season
  • JAMES DUNN & TODD KELLETT – One’s a two-smoker while t’other prefers four-poppers but they’re both racing in the EMX250 series in the hope of getting an MXGP ride what is this madness?
  • MAXXIS MISSILES – The top five riders from last year’s MXY2 series all moved up to the big boy ranks in 2018 – here’s how they did at the Culham season opener…
  • ENDUROGP SEASON OPENER – If you’re nuts for snowy ruts then this feature is for you…
  • NEWHOUND – Did somebody say news? Eeeeek! Read about stuff that’s happened and win some KTM kit while you’re here…
  • MOTOXWORD – If you like dirt bikes and crosswords you might wanna put you’re helmet on right now so you don’t make a mess when we blow your mind..
  • BURNICLE’S DIRT-BIKE BEATDOWN – Leeds finest MX circuit ever – that’s Post Hill; y’all – revisited by Jack B
  • RIDE SECTION – Stuff; Diff’rent Strokes; Youth Project; the magazine machines and our star columnists find a new home in our ‘ride’ section – it’s rad and that…
  • RAGE – The return of EMX150 champ Albie Wilkie and a who’s who of the Maxxis MXY2 series that kicks off in Blaxhall

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