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Dirt Bike Rider – Summer 2019


Published: August 2, 2019

If you missed this issue at your local newsagent, don’t worry…pick up a copy of your favourite off-road magazine right here!

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In This Issue

  • Maxxis British Motocross – The 2019 Maxxis series has been simply stunning so far and with just two rounds left to run we investigate who’s been doing the winning and who’s still in with a shot of taking the titles
  • Hillclimbing – We take a long stare at the mad men (and women) who think pointing home built bikes – with crazy tyres and even crazier engines – at a hill and then riding up it is a great idea
  • Fox Holeshot Rider Camp – We join DBR Subscriber Grace Richards at FatCat Motoparc for the Fox Holeshot Rider Camp in association with the RMJ Academy which she won a free place at
  • 2020 Husqvarna Enduro Test – Martin Craven steps away from his life as a caffeinated drink aficionado to ride and rate the 2020 Husqvarna enduro models in a fantastic forest somewhere in Finland
  • Bulgarian Bike Tours – Max Hind travels to Bulgaria where he’s treated to the time of his life in the Bulgarian wilderness – this is bucket list stuff right here
  • 2020 Yamaha Motocross Test – Yamaha’s motocross missiles tested in Teutschenthal by our ever upbeat Cumberland sausage Jake Gowan
  • Beast Shotz – Sweaty dudes, sandy dunes, high-flying nudes (just kiddin’) and the beastliest of beasts
  • Newshound – A wide-open trials, motocross and enduro wordfest featuring the best tittle-tattle around
  • Motoxword – Win yourself – or a friend – some brand-new Fox goggles in our motocross crossword
  • Ride Section – The test squad do test stuff, world champions Tony Cairoli and Steve Holcombe do world champion stuff and we’ve got new stuff in Stuff
  • RFX KTM – A double DNF in Desertmartin leads to a double win at Hawkstone – it’s an up n’ down kinda year
  • Twisted – The legend of Loretta Lynn’s plus regular favourites like Twisted Metal, Ollie Colmer and much more
  • Dickie’s Tales Reboot – Keeping the dream alive with the Dickiemeister!

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