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SSDT Winners List – Scottish Six Days Trial

SSDT Winners List – Scottish Six Days Trial

All the SSDT winners from present day to the first winner of the Scottish Six Days Trial, Bob McGregor, in 1932.

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SSDT Past Winners List - Scottish Six Days Trial

2019James Dabill300 Beta
2018Dougie Lampkin300 Vertigo
2017Dougie Lampkin300 Vertigo
2016Dougie Lampkin300 Vertigo
2015Dougie Lampkin300 Vertigo
2014Dougie Lampkin300 DL12
2013Dougie Lampkin300 Gas Gas
2012Dougie Lampkin300 Gas Gas
2011James Dabill290 Beta
2010Alexz Wigg290 Beta
2009Dougie Lampkin290 Beta
2008Dougie Lampkin270 Beta
2007James Dabill300 Montesa
2006Graham Jarvis290 Sherco
2005Sam Connor290 Sherco
2004Graham Jarvis290 Sherco
2003Joan Pons290 Sherco
2002Amos Bilbao250 Montesa
2001No trial - Foot & Mouth Epidemic
2000Steve Colley280 Gas Gas
1999Graham Jarvis290 Bultaco
1998Graham Jarvis250 Scorpa
1997Steve Colley270 Gas Gas
1996Dougie Lampkin250 Beta
1995Dougie Lampkin250 Beta
1994Dougie Lampkin250 Beta
1993Steve Colley260 Beta
1992Steve Colley260 Beta
1991Steve Saunders260 Beta
1990Steve Saunders260 Beta
1989Steve Saunders305 Fantic
1988Steve Saunders303 Fantic
1987Jordi Tarres260 Beta
1986Thierry Michaud301 Fantic
1985Thierry Michaud301 Fantic
1984Thierry Michaud300 Fantic
1983Toni Gorgot330 Montesa
1982Bernie Schreiber280 SWM
1981Giles Burgat280 SWM
1980Yrjo Vesterinen349 Montesa
1979Malcolm Rathmell310 Montesa
1978Martin Lampkin350 Bultaco
1977Martin Lampkin350 Bultaco
1976Martin Lampkin325 Bultaco
1975Mick Andrews250 Yamaha
1974Mick Andrews250 Yamaha
1973Malcolm Rathmell250 Bultaco
1972Mick Andrews250 Ossa
1971Mick Andrews250 Ossa
1970Mick Andrews250 Ossa
1969Bill Wilkinson250 Greeves
1968Sammy Miller252 Bultaco
1967Sammy Miller252 Bultaco
1966Alan Lampkin250 BSA
1965Sammy Miller250 Bultaco
1964Sammy Miller500 Ariel
1963Arthur Lampkin250 BSA
1962Sammy Miller500 Ariel
1961Gordon Jackson350 AJS
1960Gordon Jackson350 AJS
1959Roy Peplow199 Triumph
1958Gordon Jackson350 AJS
1957Johnny Brittain350 Royal Enfield
1956Gordon Jackson350 AJS
1955Jeff Smith500 BSA
1954Artie Ratcliffe350 Matchless
1953Hugh Viney350 AJS
1952Johnny Brittain350 Royal Enfield
1951John Draper350 BSA
1950Artie Ratcliffe350 Matchless
1949Hugh Viney347 AJS
1948Hugh Viney347 AJS
1947Hugh Viney347 AJS
1946No trial - World War II
1945No trial - World War II
1944No trial - World War II
1943No trial - World War II
1942No trial - World War II
1941No trial - World War II
1940No trial - World War II
1939Allan Jeffries349 Triumph
1938Fred Povey348 Ariel
1937Jack Williams348 Norton
1936Billy Tiffen343 Velocette
1935Bob McGregor499 Rudge
1934Jack Williams348 Norton
1933Len Heath497 Ariel
1932Bob McGregor499 Rudge