Report: Home Farm – GH Motorcycles Championship

Parker makes himself at home


Raymond Otaka

The weather was glorious for the fourth round of the GH Motorcycles Championship at Home Farm, Little Hadham near Ware. With nearly 100 entries, in the only event in the Eastern Centre Solo championship round held over the county borders in Hertfordshire, there were some new faces and everyone met the challenges head-on.

In this timecard event, the ever-decreasing time allowed per lap over the day meant the last three laps got very busy in the bog area with the Championship and Expert riders having nine timed sessions, and Clubman having seven sessions.


Gregory Simon

The six-mile course covered open farmland, woodland, ditches and a very decisive bog which took several casualties throughout the day.

Final places were calculated on a timed special test on second and third laps of the day.


Spencer Newland

The day was a huge success and thanks to all the supporters and team who helped with the organisation, with all riders injury free and a few bikes needing some attention in time for our next Eastern Centre Championship round – the Dave Barkshire Two-man event on July 10.

Championship: 1 Luke Parker (Norwich), 2 Ben Cole (Norwich), 3 Jake Roper (Sudbury MCC), 4 Myles Saunders (Sudbury MCC), 5 Chris Hockey (Sudbury MCC), 6 Jamie Roper (Sudbury MCC)
Expert: 1 Joe Hall (Diss), 2 ames Yearley (Braintree, 3 Adam Durkin (Diss), 4 Joe Henthorn (Sudbury MCC), 5 Jack Edwards (Diss), 6 Luke Tucker
Clubman: 1 Rob Armitage (Sudbury MCC), 2 Jonathan Finch (Diss), 3 Daniel Hills (Sudbury MCC), 4 Bryce Hagger (Sudbury MCC), 5 Lloyd Barker (Sudbury MCC), 6 Oliver Brinkley (Halstead)
Expert Vets : 1 Stephen Revett (Stowmarket), 2 Phil Roper (Sudbury MCC), 3 Paul Spurgeon (Diss)
Clubman Vets : 1 Gregory Simon (Portsmouth), 2 Raymond Otaka (Diss), 3 Spencer Newland (Norwich), 4 Simon Davies (Sudbury MCC), 5 Jason Carsboult (Sudbury MCC), 6 Will Packer (Sudbury MCC)
Sportsman Vet: 1 John Hilton (Norwich, 2 Graham Mays (Sudbury MCC), 3 Paul Belton (Sudbury MCC), 4 Jez Moss (Sudbury MCC), 5 Wayne Barker (Sudbury MCC), 6 Terry Allen (Sudbury MCC)

Report & picture: Paula Day

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