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2022 British Motocross Championship calendar – dates for Revo MXGB

Tommy Searle

Tommy Searle

RHL and the ACU have announced the dates for the 2022 British Motocross Championship calendar, with the official British MX series starting its 2022 season on March 13-13 and concluding on September 10-11.

NOTE: Update on MXGB dates, tracks and classes can be found here.

As there was this past season, there will be a mixture of one- and two-day events. In addition, RHL says they are working with ACU clubs to bring a new format for the Auto class. A further announcement on this is coming soon.

2022 British Motocross Championship Calendar

MXGB Calendar 2022

March 12-13Culham65, SW85, BW85, 125, 250, MX2, MX1
April 17FoxhillSW85, BW85, 250, MX2, MX1
May 8LyngBW85, 125, MX2, MX1
May 22Canada HeightsBW85, 125, 250, MX2, MX1
June 19Blaxhall125, 250, MX2, MX1
July 9-10FatCat65, SW85, BW85, 125, 250, MX2, MX1
July 30-31Whitby65, SW85, BW85, 125, 250, MX2, MX1
August 13-14Warmingham Lane65, SW85, BW85, 125, 250
September 10-11Landrake65, SW85, BW85, 125, 250, MX2, MX1

Reserve Date: October 1-2

Number of rounds per class

65cc is 6 Rounds
Small Wheel 85cc is 6 Rounds
Big Wheel 85cc is 8 Rounds
125cc & 250cc is 8 Rounds
WMX Adult is 6 Rounds (Subject to having 20 registered riders by January 31, 2022; otherwise the class will not run)
MX1 is 8 Rounds
MX2 is 8 Rounds

RHL is currently working with organisers of rounds, which may mean new circuits are included in the calendar.

While traditionally, the ACU has gone to great pains to avoid clashes with the FIM Motocross World Championship calendar, which they have done with this provisional schedule, RHL states: “Dates are currently subject to any MXGP calendar changes that may arise between now and January 2022, after which the dates will be set”.

Due to the impact of restricted movement of global supplies, there will be no controlled tyre class for 2022.

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