Buildbase boss on their growing presence in off-road motorcycle paddocks

Buildbase boss on their growing presence in off-road motorcycle paddocks

Buildbase MD Paul Roche with Buildbase Honda boss Dave Thorpe

As the man in the hot seat at builders’ merchants Buildbase, company Managing Director Paul Roche oversees a business that is enjoying a growing presence in off-road motorcycle paddocks and forging a reputation as a strong supporter of the sports we love.

How did the opportunity to support motocross first come about?

Paul Roche: We’ve been supporting British motocross for six years and originally it was from the love of the sport from a previous MD. The reason we continue to support it is down to our customers who love it.

Were you aware of the amount of self-employed tradespeople involved in motocross and off-road riding?

Yes, of course and that’s why we have continued to support it for so long. Our customers are constantly looking for tickets so we know it’s popular!

With large corporations like Fiat investing heavily in the world championship recently, targeting their vans and pick-ups at tradespeople in motocross, do you feel justified in your decision to connect with the off-road consumer?

Absolutely. Our support isn’t based on the size of our business, it’s based on the relevancy to our customers. Whether you’re buying building materials, electrics, plumbing or even hiring from us, the sport is relevant and brings people together.

Off-road enthusiasts are known to be extremely loyal to brands that support the sport they love. Did this become apparent when you researched pushing into motocross?

Our history with motocross has proved just that. There’s a lot of emotion, commitment and loyalty tied up in it. There’s a great vibe and it’s a fantastic community to be part of.

Are you aware of the cult status your brand has among motorcycle fans?

We’re aware of it on a certain level because of the number of tradespeople who want to talk to us about it. I think that social media and sharing online has had a big impact on how well-loved our brand has become with fans.

Buildbase-backed motorcycle teams in motocross and also British Superbikes have had a great start to the season. You must be delighted…

Our support isn’t all about the winning but it helps! It has been a great start to the season and we certainly have the potential to be champions again this year. Well done to Dave [Thorpe] and all the team on a brilliant season so far and I look forward to seeing them raise the trophy at the end of the season!

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