Report: Castleside TC – 2019 Kia National Championship

Report: Castleside TC – 2019 Kia National Championship

Richard Pulman - Kia Rd 10

Castleside Trials Club brought the 2019 Kia National Twinshock Trials Championship to a close with a superb final round.

Ossy Byers and his crew staged the tenth round of the series on the wide-open spaces of the moors above the village of Edmundbyers in County Durham.

Used only twice a year by the club the venue is a mix of slippery rocks, bankings and streams and an entry of 139 was a fitting end to another cracking season.

Experts were a bit on the shy side but more than made up for by the burgeoning Clubman entry in all classes.

It was a drizzly, grey day up on the exposed moors with mist drifting around all day but it could certainly have been a lot worse.

The loop was around five miles and the Expert sections were definitely on the challenging side with conditions wet and slippery.

Biggest and most closely contested Experts class was the Twin-shocks where the win went to Yorkshire’s Glen Scholey on his immaculate Honda RSC four-stroke.

It was Glen’s first-ever foray into the KIA series so here’s hoping he’s got the taste and tries some more in 2020.

Glen dropped just 15 marks, over half of which went in the tough 13th sub which cost him a three and a five.

In that sub, only London-based third-place finisher Chris Koch bettered a three with a two-dab effort on the first of the two laps.

In second place was Lancashire’s Chris Garlick, Fantic-mounted like Koch, the pair managing to lose 17 marks apiece with Garlick getting the verdict thanks to amassing 31 cleans against 28.

Yorkie Nigel Scott was in fourth place, Scotty being allowed out to play on Roy Palmer’s famous Kawasaki KL special.

In the Air-cooled Monos Steve Johnson pipped Gareth Martin in a battle of the Yams, while John Bannister slotted his Beta into a close third place, just five marks separating the podium finishers.

Historic Spanish/ Pre-78 Twinshocks saw just two finishers, the Montesa of Richard Pulman getting the better of Gary Younghusband, out on his well-known blue Bultaco.

And the Britshock class saw just a single entrant Rob Atkinson home and dry as the unopposed winner.

It was all happening in the Clubman series though, were in an Air-cooled Mono class dominated by Yamaha TYs, the winner was Dave Wardell on a Honda TLM260.

This was the first time we’ve seen Dave on the TLM – he does like a change – but maybe it could be next season’s mount as he took a clear victory dropping just two marks, easily the best score of the day.

Runner-up Mark Pattinson was 10 marks in arrears with Jake Donerson another five astern.

Historic Spanish was dominated by Bultacos in terms of numbers but it was a Bultaco-Montesa head-to-head for top spot as Kevin Edmundson and Butch Robson conspired to drop 14 marks apiece, the Bultaco-mounted Edmundson taking the points thanks to 35 cleans against 33.

Philip Dyson completed the podium albeit some 20 marks in arrears.

In Clubman Twinshock there were plenty of Fantics but it was Hondas to the fore courtesy of Jim Williams and Owen Hardisty.

Darren Walker weighed-in with third waving the Yamaha flag.

That left just Pre-72 Britshock and this class was not only well-supported but hotly contested.

Managing to shade the win was Castleside stalwart club member Ossy Byers who dropped just a dozen marks on his Dot.

This proved to be just one mark better than Sheffield’s Steve Bisby who, for the first time in living memory, turned out on something other than an Ossa when he wheeled out an on-loan Tiger Cub.

Despite saying he found it massively different Steve obviously clicked with the British four-stroke and a close second was a cracking result. In turn, Ian Myers was just one more mark further back in a blanket finish while Bantam-mounted Nigel Greenwood was just two marks shy of the podium.

There were around 20 retirements on the day including several notables like Matt Spink, Dean Devereux, Chris Forshaw and Joe Buckworth in the Experts and Chris Myers in Clubman Britshock.

Chris topped the class in the previous CWAC KIA round but the drive went AWOL on the 250 Tribsa which features a twin-cylinder Triumph Tigress engine, necessitating an International Rescue!

Castleside TC results – 2019 Kia National Championship

Air-cooled Monoshock: Steven Johnson (Yamaha) 42, Gareth Martin (Yamaha) 44, John Bannister (Beta) 47, Andrew Rawdin (Yamaha) 70.
Historic Spanish/ Pre-78: Richard Pulman (Montesa) 26, Gary Younghusband (Bultaco) 46.
Twinshock: Glen Scholey (Honda) 15, Chris Garlick (Fantic) 17, Chris Koch (Fantic) 17, Nigel Scott (Kawasaki) 26, Eddie Aitkin (Majesty) 26, Richard Allen (Gori) 28, Jason Scott Honda) 36, James Black (Fantic) 44, Glen Quinn (Aprilia) 48, Roy Palmer (Fantic) 52, Chris Barnett (Fantic) 53, Phil Daley (Fantic) 75.
Pre-72 Britshock: Rob Atkinson 84.
Monoshock: Dave Wardell (Honda) 2, Mark Pattinson 12, Jake Donnerson 17, Derek Wilson (Yamaha) 20, Paul Whittaker (Fantic) 21, Keith Burgess (Yamaha) 21, Stephen Burgess (Yamaha) 23, Dan Hodgson (Scorpa) 25, Graham Teasdale (Yamaha) 25, Paul Henley (Yamaha) 25, Ben Hodgson (Scorpa) 26, John King (Yamaha) 30, Robin Foulkes (Yamaha) 34, James Brooker (Yamaha) 35, Tim Britton (Fantic) 46.
Historic Spanish/ Pre-78: Kevin Edmundson (Bultaco) 14, Butch Robson (Montesa) 14, Philip Dyson 33, Gary Watson (Bultaco) 36, Graham Knight (Bultaco) 49, Steven Edmundson (Bultaco) 60, Jack Metcalfe (Bultaco) 66, Ian Thomas (Bultaco) 78, David Byers 98.
Twinshock: Jim Williams (Honda) 13, Owen Hardisty (Honda) 15, Darren Walker (Yamaha) 16, Michael Platts (Fantic) 18, Mark Butler 18, Stephen Bell (Aprilia) 19, Mark Hawkins (Fantic) 19, Andrew Black (Fantic) 20, Andrew Cope 21, John Zottl (Yamaha) 22, Simon Anderson (Armstrong) 28, Paul Norman (RTX) 31, Steve Williams (Honda) 33, Neil Hebson 34, Callum Hedison (Yamaha) 35.
Pre-72 Britshock: Ossy Byers (Dot) 12, Stephen Bisby (Cub) 13, Ian Myers (Cub) 14, Nigel Greenwood (Bantam) 16, Paul Howells (Bantam) 20, David Metcalfe (Bantam) 21, Mick Grant (Bantam 23, Ross Thompson (CZ) 24, Paul Morris (Bantam) 25, Andrew Dennis (BSA) 25, David Wilkinson (Bantam) 28, Jason Brown (James) 35, Mike Minns (Cub) 52, Bruce Metcalfe (Trifield) 54, Ian Bowers (Bantam) 55.

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